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      Picture for blog post Galley Hues: Top 5 Colours for Your Kitchen

      Galley Hues: Top 5 Colours for Your Kitchen

      While white is a commonly used colour in kitchen spaces to maintain a clean atmosphere, some may want a little bit of a divergence with other colours from a neutral pallette to suit the rest of their home, or get a little bit creative with other colours to add some vibrance to their décor. Here, we take a look at the Top 5 colours for your kitchen.

      Designer: Yong Studio

      White Likely the most common pallete used for kitchens, the absence of colour contributes towards an immaculate atmosphere in kitchens with either modern or traditional stylings. The uniformity of white - stretching from ceilings, walls, backsplashes, countertops, cabinetry, and down to flooring makes these typically small areas of the home seem more spacious.

      Designer: Pocket Square


      The popularity of a using grey in kitchens emerged with the rise of the modern palette and granite countertops. The colour grey is most effective in a kitchen appointed with steel fixtures and reflective accents. Designer: GDY Design & Construction

      Black Although typically confined to decorative accents, a kitchen is transformed into an inviting and elegant space when black is used as the base colour.

      Designer: Nu Infinity

      Brown The natural shades of wood are ideal for both modern and country-styled kitchens, with darker shades creating a majestic effect and pale tones exuding a rustic flavour.

      Designer: Nu Infinity

      Blue While pastel shades are associated with rustic interiors, modern kitchens can also benefit from the bespoke factor provided by saturation in a surprising hue of blue.

      Designer: Viincology

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