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      Picture for blog post Prints Charming: How to Use Colourful Prints and Patterns in the Bedroom

      Prints Charming: How to Use Colourful Prints and Patterns in the Bedroom

      Besides the limitless range of artfully hand-drawn or computer-rendered designs, wallpapers are preferred for their ease of replacement - in the event that a particular print gets a little stale, it can be removed and replaced with other wall finishes or a wallpaper bearing an alternative motif. For those who enjoy using colourful prints on their walls, we took stock of how interior designers use wallpapers and narrowed down a range of five inspirational uses here.

      Contrasted Contours Interior design by: Desigva Design

      Decorated by Desigva Design, this bedroom utilises a wallpaper that is relatively restrained in terms of colour and motif in order to paint a meditative interior in calming neutral shades. A wallpaper bearing wave-forms is applied above the headboard to mirror the pale shade of wood on the adjoining walls, and to playfully echo the horizontal lines of detail across the bedroom fittings. The selection of wallpaper in a similar shade as the wood in the space imbues the bedroom with a serene ambiance.

      Thematic Emphasis Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

      A vivid tropical landscape is painted in this bedroom decorated by Casa Indah Design. On their own: the wooden headboard, the intriguing vintage lamp, and the burlap rope swing posing as a bedside table may represent disparate elements that are only loosely related in terms of the common material used at their bases - but with the addition of a busy jungle scene on wallpaper, the space takes on the tone of an adventurous trek.

      Harvest Motif Interior design by: Design Base

      Occasionally, one may find the use of wallpapers bearing complex patterns to be unnecessary - as demonstrated in this bedroom decorated by Design Base. A simplistic repeating pattern is used here to depict leaves in various states of decay, the illustration evoking the colourful months between the end of summer and the advent of winter. The autumn ambiance is punctuated with a throw rug vaguely reminiscent of a ground covered in fallen leaves, while elements of the countryside are invoked with the wicker weave headboard  in addition to the other white finishes and decorations.

      Iconic Representation Interior design by: Design Base

      Decorative prints do not necessarily need to be all-encompassing and complete with detail. Another example of a simulated landscape is created by Design Base in this bedroom - but rather than rendering a panorama in full detail, the natural scenery is instead implied with various shades of green and a lone tree represented in caricature.

      Emerald Opulence Interior design by: Regal Violet

      An otherwise plain space is transformed into a classically-leaning bedroom with the use of wallpaper bearing an intricate floral motif and saturated in the shade of a clear emerald. While the beryl tone vaguely resembles a swathe of foliage, the borderline-Baroque pattern bestows this bedroom with an underlying layer of elegance to complement the cabriolet legs of the dressing table and the oval back of the accompanying chair.

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