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      Picture for blog post Balancing Tones: Decorating with Blue and Grey

      Balancing Tones: Decorating with Blue and Grey

      Blues and greys are a wonderful combination to create a modern and sophisticated interior. To show you how to work with these colours, Curtains Place's latest interior collection, Senses offer a good example on how to add on the essence of comfort and design with a stylish sense of simplicity that can be achieved using this palette. Natural colours combined with rich tones of blue and lavender grey are used in this inspired decor using the Senses collection. The blue in this look is complemented with the raw hues on the walls and floors. Colours get their depth in the textures of the materials. The contrast of white in the patterns, walls and accessories add light to the look. The denim look of the two-toned Arezzo range for the upholstery enhances the natural balance of the colour palette. Styling Tips:
      • Combine the softness of lavender grey with the intensity of ink blue for a colour combination that creates a restful vibe.
      • Natural colour palettes create a feel of relaxed cosiness.
      • Leaving a wall exposed or unfinished can add an interesting element to your room can create great backdrop for decoration. You can also opt for a raw textured wall covering. Linen and linen-mixes have inherent properties of insulation and drape excellently.
      • Colours translate naturally on linen creating beautiful shades.
      • Add chic metallic tones with linen-mixes.
      • Nature-inspired patterns make for a simple elegance with their subtle colour palettes.
      • Textured and natural upholsteries are the must haves for 2018 in upholstery. Combine it with pillows in rich tones.
      Featured here is the Senses collection from Curtains Place. Article and images courtesy of Curtains Place

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