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      Picture for blog post Charming Chambers: 5 Cosy Bedrooms with a Romantic Ambience

      Charming Chambers: 5 Cosy Bedrooms with a Romantic Ambience

      Decorating with your amore in mind? We combed through bedrooms throughout the country - and abroad, to rank the five coziest bedsteads for eliciting feelings of romance. Before the evening's events draw to a close and things inevitably lead back to the bedroom, be sure to have these decorative features in place to help your amorous ambitions along.

      5. Monochromatic Simplicity

      Making the most out of a few select trappings in their signature brand of monochromatic minimalism, Nu Infinity's arrangement speaks of wild passions: reflective panels frame a print of a zebra's patterns - strategically situated on the walls above the bed; a deep pile carpet in grey provides a comforting layer for bare feet to linger on; and a diminutive clutter tray adorned with the tools of aromatherapy provides the clearest signal of romantic intentions.

      Designer: Nu Infinity   4. Classically Feminine

      Crisp, classically appointed architectural finishes and furnishings saturated in pale shades lend this bedroom a delicate and decidedly feminine elegance. The combination of daylight, or soft yellow lighting at night, help to bring out the tones of peaches and cream provided by the decorative wall treatments and fabrics. Amorous intentions are made clearer with the placement of a circular tub in view of the bed.

      Designer: S/Lab 10   3. Thoughtful Transition

      The classical furnishings, intricate patterns in wallpaper, and exquisite lighting fixtures are the key elements in this bedroom helping to create an amorous vibe. A functional feature of special note is the thoughtful arrangement of seating around a coffee table equipped with refreshments to create an intimate space for romantic interludes.

      Designer: Hue Art Design   2. Exotic Excursion

      Conceived by interior designer, Nikki B, and situated within a gated community in Dubai, this bedroom exudes an exotic allure without resorting to the archetypal shades of romance. This intimate bedchamber in the desert presents decorative stone accents and elaborate fabrics in alternating swathes of blue and gold - the regional palette associated with luxury.

      Designer: Da Fonesca Design   1. Glamorous Detail

      This bedroom hits all the checkpoints in our list of things that make a bedroom exude romance: warm wood flooring contrasting against reflective accents on the walls, a circular bedstead displaying classical tendencies in the button-back upholstery, and just the right amount of shimmer in the materials.

      Designer: Gusto Design

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