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      Picture for blog post Centre of Attention: 7 Centrepiece Ideas for Your Dining Table

      Centre of Attention: 7 Centrepiece Ideas for Your Dining Table

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      If you have just finished adjusting your dining table and meticulously arranging it in place in your home, only to have that nagging feeling that the décor is somehow incomplete, it is because the space needs a centrepiece.

      You could do as one does and just let clutter accumulate just to see what happens, the random assortment of items will eventually speak of your personality and lifestyle, but it may not blend well with the rest of the space - that and most would regard that as an unintended mess. We let our panel of decorators into our homes to help us figure out centrepieces, and arrived at the following Top 7 ideas that will help you get ahead of the curve by tailoring your dining table decorations to suit your interior and to project the ambiance you design.

      Designer: Konan Design

      7. Classic Candlelight The original dining table centrepiece - the archetypal candle and candle-holder combination has been a pervasive decorative element, providing a form of lighting especially suited for intimate moods, and appearing in everything from classical art to modern fine dining experiences. Candle-holders serve as pieces of art in themselves, ranging from ostentatious candelabra gilded in precious metals to utilitarian glassware.

      Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

      6. Edible Art Food invariably gets left on the dining table in some way or another - especially with large households in constant flux, where mealtimes tend to overlap. Embrace the familial chaos while encouraging healthy eating by displaying brightly coloured fruit or snacks in attractive containers to provide an additional decorative element. To take it a step further, unleash the inner epicurean and artist by experimenting with pickled or dried edibles in jars to produce a few splashes of colour.

      Designer: Surface R Interior Design

      5. Rotating Trays A mainstay of oriental-styled interiors, the turntable - known in some circles as the "Lazy Susan", is a rotating tray made of wood or stone. Typically found in the centre of large Chinese dinners, the turntable adds a functional and elegant layer to round dining tables that serves equally well as a pedestal for art or dining accessories - while providing diners with Arthurian access to the dishes placed on it.

      Designer: Jashen Interior Design

      4. Sculptures On the other end of the function-form spectrum are gratuitous objects of art to inject some glam and glitter into a scene and turn a dining table into a display space. A curated sculpture with interesting reliefs on all sides provides luxurious views from any angle in combination with a rotating tray.

      Designer: Gusto Design

      3. Literary Pursuits In lieu of spending the time combing galleries and markets for "that ideal piece", go the way of the literary artist by shaping an impromptu sculpture out of books to accent a loft-like décor. Especially in small spaces where coffee table space is scarce, books that were intended for the seating lounge can be piled up on the dining table instead, freeing up living room space and providing a set of spontaneous talking points while dining.

      Designer: M Innovative Builders

      2. Living Embellishments A simple and immediately rewarding centrepiece element comes from our own lush backyards. All that is needed is a few stalks of freshly-cut flowers, or sprigs of herbs, thrown into a container - anything from an old tea tin to an intricate glass vase would do the job. While these living centrepieces can only be expected to last little more than a few days, an extra "wow" could be elicited with a contained ecosystem of live fish and water plants in the centre of the dining table.

      Designer: Q1 Interior

      1. Clutter Trays To keep that assortment of decorative and functional items in check, consider using a tray in wood or metal to neatly present dining table accessories, and to add another layer of texture to dining surfaces. Aside from the obvious practical application, clutter trays can also be used to frame other decorative elements, or even create a mini Zen garden with appropriately deep trays filled with sand.

      Designer: X-Two Concept If you haven't already, click here to take a look at our definitive guide for selecting the right kind of dining table to suit your interior.  
      Picture for blog post Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

      Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Before setting out on your journey of acquiring living room furniture, consider the function, size, orientation, and shape of the space - then the style, material, and colour of your furnishings.

      Filling any blank canvas requires the poise and confidence of an accomplished artist, but there is so much more than one's creative pride at stake when it comes to the kind of space that imparts first impressions like the average living room does. There are minimalist furnishings that may render a large space empty, there are button-backed leather Chesterfields that can overwhelm an urban apartment, and then there are modern contemporary sofas that seem to fit anywhere.

      Image Credit: Design Base

      With all the available sizes and styles of furnishings available, you may find yourself hard pressed to assemble a cohesive arrangement with varied pieces from different manufacturers. Armed with this guide and the critical considerations it presents, we believe your next search for living room furniture will produce more effective results.


      The first thing to do before furnishing any space is to pose the question of what one intends to do with it. Is your home a hub for large clan gatherings or more likely reserved for a select few? The approaches to furnishing your living room would differ depending on whether you are assembling a bachelor pad hangout or a lounge for a large family - the latter typically requires more seating, including the requisite pair of matching armchairs for the matriarch and patriarch of the clan, while the former could be adequately furnished with a single sofa set in close proximity to a coffee table.

      Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

      With the role of the living room decided, one would have to take a look at what space there is to work with. In addition to floor space, one should also consider the presence and height of walls demarcating the area. First of all, is the lounge part of an open plan concept or is it enclosed in walls? A room surrounded by walls limits ingress and egress options, making arrangements more dependant on the placement of walls - on the other hand, an open layout leaves more to the imagination.

      Interior design by: The Home Concept Furniture

      Secondly, does the height of the ceiling make for a double volume space? A double-height ceiling will enable the incorporation of furnishings with high profiles to take advantage of the extra airspace, while a conventional ceiling may require furnishings of lower height so as to not overwhelm the sense of volume.

      Lastly, what is the traffic flow around the house going to look like? If the living room is located more at the core of the house, walkways between furnishings would have to be considered, less so if it is a secluded corner.

      Interior design by: The Roof Studio

      In addition to the size of the living room, the shape of a space will have an effect on the furnishings you select. An especially long and narrow lounge may not benefit from many round furnishings placed in the centre, while a square room will appear rather empty with the majority of furnishings hugging the walls.

      Interior design by: ID Industries

      There exists a number appearing in both natural and produced designs that have been found to be aesthetically pleasing since the Italian Renaissance - the golden ratio of 1.618 has often been used to produce compositions that are universally regarded as beautiful. Applying this ratio to your own compositions will almost certainly guarantee an appealing arrangement: if you have an especially long space, consider visually subdividing it with pieces of seating or table surfaces to achieve a space where the length divided by width produces a number approaching the golden ratio.


      Another factor with significant weight on the effect of your furnishings is the orientation of the space, which affects the amount of sunlight your living room receives as the sun transits across the sky during the day. Material choices for your furnishings could be swayed by varying levels of sunlight at different times of day, so we recommend keeping a few sample swatches around to compare before settling on a material. Coupled with the consideration of natural lighting is the presence of windows providing scenic views - furnishings with low profiles may be considered to preserve the view, while high-backed seating could be made less intrusive by being positioned against a wall.

      Interior design by: The Roof Studio

      Prior considerations with regard to the function, size, shape, and orientation of the living room are less controllable - but the choice of style for your furnishings is where your personality will be more obviously presented. Before settling on your choice of furnishings, decide on whether you want your living room to be dedicated to the hallmarks of particular styles, such as the traditional trappings of classical style or dispense with all the frills for a minimalist decor - or maybe you would want to consider putting together your own unique assembly to present a more eccentric image.

      Interior design by: The Home Concept Furniture

      The choice of material for your furnishing is largely dependant on the function of the space, the lighting levels, and the style you want to achieve. Metal and wood frames are compatible with a wide range of styles, with reflective surfaces being more suited for spaces with a modern lean. Suede and fabric upholstery may be delectable to the senses, but tougher materials like leather may be more suitable in homes with children or pets.

      Interior design by: Surface R

      It probably goes without saying that the shades and tones of your living room furniture should be selected according to your personal preference, albeit with attention paid to the subtle effects of colour on moods, the appearance of colours in changing light conditions, and matching or complementing furnishings with the base or accent colours in architectural finishes.

      Interior design by: X-Two Concept

      Completely saturating a room in various shades of a single colour is an easy way to get around most of the additional considerations of matching or complementing with base or accent colours, while imposing into a space a favoured hue and its effects on mood.

      Interior design by: Gusto Design & Build  
      Picture for blog post Floral Frills: How to Create a Themed Bedroom for Girls

      Floral Frills: How to Create a Themed Bedroom for Girls

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      If you've read our previous article describing how one goes about decorating for children, and you are now wondering how to design a bedroom for your little girl, look no further. We assembled our panel of decorators to formulate the following list of definitive elements to include when putting together an inspirational bedspace for your little princess(es).

      Floral Print There are few other print styles that are as quintessentially feminine as floral print. Perhaps as synonymous with little girls as glitter and ponies, floral print can be injected into a space by way of bedspreads or decorative features such as headboards to affect a themed bedroom for girls.

      Nothing says "this is a girl's room" like floral print. Designer: We Interior

      Pastel Pink Pinstripes An alternative to floral print and other patterned prints is the pinstripe, a vintage element that can be turned into a more subtle indication of feminine tastes by applying the element to walls in shades of pink, magenta, or fuchsia.

      Instead of floral print, take the route less travelled with some vintage pinstripes in shades of pink. Designer: Gusto Design

      Upholstered Walls Padding the walls in upholstery softens the space, and when the upholstery is coloured in feminine shades, it provides comfort and elegance in equal measure. Classical upholstery, such as button-back or diamond-shaped designs saturated in shades of pink serve to fill a girl's bedroom with a timeless and feminine ambiance.

      The range of patterns on the upholstered walls in this bedroom suggests a girl with a mature personality sleeps here. Designer: Gusto Design

      All-White Furniture As white pairs well with shades of pink, consider selecting furniture that is completely white to add a clean and modern dimension to feminine spaces. Classically inspired furnishings in white are also appropriate for a girl's bedroom if the intended décor is more vintage leaning than modern.

      Classical furnishings in white are a simple way to lend a bedroom a feminine vibe. Designer: DMZ Consultancy

      Play House The pièce de résistance of any young child's bedroom is the play corner, but the girl with a fully appointed play house and the requisite tea set will likely ascend to the role of princess of the block - as little girls apparently adhere to a pecking order based on who can host the most lavish imaginary tea parties.

      The girl who has a tea set like this one is destined to become a little Miss Popular. Designer: Regal Violet Looking for ways to affect a themed bedroom for boys? Read about it here.  
      Picture for blog post Mother's Day Special | Give Your Mom the Gift of Colours

      Mother's Day Special | Give Your Mom the Gift of Colours

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      With Mother’s Day around the corner, find out the most ideal colour palettes for your supermum to show how much you love her.   This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to surprise your mother with a fresh coat of paint to her favourite space at home. After all the sacrifices she has made for the family, she deserves to come home to a refreshed environment for her to unwind and reconnect with her senses. For years, AkzoNobel, the leading global paints and coatings company and producer of decorative paint brand – Dulux – has researched on the mood shifting powers of colours and its impact in our homes. Therefore, the idea to surprise your Supermum, starting with a switch of colours in her favourite home space, may just be the way to her heart this Mother’s Day.   AkzoNobel recently announced Heart Wood (also known as Pictured Rocks 10YR 28/072) as the Colour of the Year 2018. Its gentle grey-pink tones, coupled with the nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort, adds a sense of harmony to the space, making homeowners feel instantly at ease. Anchored upon “A Welcome Home” theme for the new year, AkzoNobel released three variants of colour palettes, each featuring the use of Heart Wood, to create contrasting designs for mothers with unique personalities. These palettes are known as ‘The Comforting Home’, ‘The Inviting Home’, and lastly ‘The Playful Home’. [embed]https://youtu.be/V7QAHLvdD1I[/embed] One good place to start is the kitchen, a space where a mother’s expression of love to create nourishing foods begins. It is also often the starting point of the day’s flurry of activities, from preparing breakfast for the tiny tots to bidding farewell to her other half. To empower mothers to start their day in a hearty space, the kitchen makeover ideas below derived from our palettes this year aims to bring out the unique characteristics of every Supermum: The Warm-Hearted Woman: The Comforting Home This is the type of mother who sees her home as the sanctuary that brings her calm and comfort. The Comforting Home palette, made up of shades from red to yellow, offers a rich, welcoming interior akin to a mother’s warm embrace. Generously layered with textures, the warm earth tones bring a sense of comfort, while clay and a soft blush pink calms the mind – allowing one to cocoon and reset. When paired with wooden interiors with exquisite heritage, the colours ooze a modest, subtle luxury which is relaxing yet not overpowering. For a softer feature wall colour, do consider Santa Rose; or Babbitt Brown for a darker, more grounded tone. Here is an example of a room themed The Comforting Home: The Open-Hearted Woman: The Inviting Home An open-hearted woman places great importance on bonding and creating relationships with people. Comfort and convenience reign supreme in The Inviting Home design, often furnished with cotton and linens. Accompanied by cool shades from grey to blue, the palette draws in neutral colours to support the mother’s need for connection. The theme showcases an easy use of colour, with sea-green being the primary colour, with a hint of soft blue that transitions across the room. Beside is a proposed design to bring out the best of an Inviting Home theme. The Light-Hearted Woman: The Playful Home This is for the new-age mothers who are modern and unconventional. For her, home is a place of inspiration where creative ideas and future plans are borne. Often in search of practical and out-of-the-box designs, the cool mother needs a Playful Home – one that encompass fun yet low-key patterns with multiple modern design hacks. The theme is complete with a mix of vibrant, outrageous, and energetic colours such as Monarch Gold and Triple Crown. Mothers in this category often feel inspired by life, so do not be surprised to find a flower pot in her kitchen! Try some of these ideas below to create The Playful Home: AkzoNobel Dulux hopes to bring forth the most desired, personalised designs for every Supermum on this special Mother’s Day. May the joy of repainting with their loved ones brings warmth to her heart. For more information about Dulux, visit https://www.dulux.com.my/en.
      Picture for blog post Bench Warmers: Bench Seating Ideas for the Dining Room

      Bench Warmers: Bench Seating Ideas for the Dining Room

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      The grandeur and pageantry of formal dinners have faded from modern landscapes as much as the detachable starched collar - so has the prevalence of gratuitous dining arrangements in the compact urban homes of our present age. Given the space most of us get to work with, our common dining arrangements have evolved to facilitate more casual meals in the interest of limiting footprints and conserving space: with a bench taking up the same amount of floor space as - if not less than, several dining chairs. If you’ve come across our pointers on how to set up a compact or minimalist dining space, you may be interested in going through the various ways one can assemble casual bench seating or restaurant style banquette arrangements.

      Countryside Charm Image source: Sustainable Pals

      A banquette arrangement surrounded by walls in pastel blue and floors decked in wood immediately evokes imagery of countryside skylines. The classical rendering of a dining space from rural environments is reinforced by the decorative trim lining the base of the banquette seating and the intricate motifs sewn into the fabric of the cushions. The accompanying chairs are composed from frames of wood in a shade matching the floor, and a dining table with a single plinth instead of multiple legs is selected - so as not to detract from the ornate decorative features of the banquette’s base.

      Rustic Industrial Image source: Hafoti

      With a bench bearing the same design and composed of the same materials as the dining surface it accompanies, the result is a cohesive arrangement that does more to maintain a sense of space. The pictured arrangement is placed over a simplistic weaved textile rug and furnished by rustic constructions of darkly lacquered wood. The individual pieces of wood are joined in the fashion of traditional carpentry - with both hidden and overt varieties of the common mortise and tenon joints, while the frames are bound by reinforcing bars that are held in tension with industrial coupling attachments of vintage origin.

      Provençal Defined Image source: Geoloqal

      The intermingling of classical and rustic vibes in this dining space is the very definition of Provençal style - with a coffered ceiling and ornate decorative plaster trim on the surrounding whitewashed walls. The furnishings are composed of visibly aged wood and upholstered with simplistic fabrics, with the bench constructed out of the same materials and bearing the same rustic design of the through mortise and tenon joints as seen in the legs of the dining surface. The incorporation of a quintessential stone planter bowl decorated with lion heads, and the pair of cyclopean chandeliers - vintage metal chandeliers encased in metal rings appropriated from wine barrels, further reinforce the Provençal ancestry of the décor.

      Country Light Image source: Dans Design Magz

      The pictured dining arrangement evokes imagery of the European countryside with seat cushions upholstered in a deep blue fabric bearing geometric motifs in white to match the surrounding walls. The accompanying furnishings are deliberately selected for their space-saving designs: Eero Saarinen’s 78-inch diameter Oval seats up to eight diners, while its robust cast-moulded aluminium base minimises the expected clutter of table legs against the scant floor space. The accompanying chairs are the DSW variation of the Eames duo’s moulded polypropylene shell from the 1950s, mounted on the Scandinavian reinterpretation of the iconic Eiffel Tower legs seen in the DSR original. Punctuating this space when lit but camouflaged against the background when not needed, is the lighting fixture known as "PH 4/3" - a Poul Henningsen creation based on his famed Artichoke.

      Understated Sophistication Image source: Listspirit

      A vintage banquette assembly, subtly speaking in minimalist tones of the kind of décor associated with the American Prohibition era, is composed out of velvet capitoné upholstery in drab olive. The shade of the bench cushions is complemented by a regal slab of serpentine marble bearing serene swirls of white against a background of dusky green. The table’s box steel legs of minimalist design are contrasted in monochromatic fashion against the polished tubular steel frames of the accompanying chairs - the Cesca variation of Mart Stam’s iconic S33 cantilever chairs from 1927, with hand-woven cane weave inserts added by Marcel Breuer in 1928.

      Picture for blog post CH Christmas Special | Decor Ideas for a Stylish Christmas at Home

      CH Christmas Special | Decor Ideas for a Stylish Christmas at Home

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      This Christmas, furnish your spaces with delectable festive decor that symbolises love and happiness. Here are a few ideas from Metrojaya’s Trim Shoppe and Living Quarters featuring a  delightful collection of ornaments, heart-warming décor and exquisite gifts that add a special sparkle to the festive air.

      Festive Style

      From primitive rustic to charming vintage, from the whimsical to old world European-styled designs, there are many ways to decorate your home this Xmas. Whether you are looking for traditional ornaments, ribbons and garlands, Classic Santa and Angel figurines, or unique tree toppers and finials, these small details work wonders.

      Tree Trimmings

      Trim your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments, garlands, and festive holiday lights. You can also opt for classic looks for your tree - for example pairing vibrant color schemes with various decorating techniques using ribbon, lights, and matching ornaments. Consider modern themes such as nautical Vintage Romance, Gatsby Glitz, Wintery Elegance, Splendor of Christmas, Deck the Shores, Whimsical Yuletide.

      Customers of Metrojaya can also opt to purchase already decorated trees at any Metrojaya stores. It’s a simple process: just simply take your pick, finalise your purchase and bring the tree home with all the ornaments of their choice. Metrojaya's customer service personnel is also available to offer advice on tree decorations. Metrojaya’s trees range from RM190 to RM550 depending on the height (6ft, 7ft and 8ft). Christmas trims range from RM9.90 to RM79.90.  Dazzling Table Settings Make your holiday table sparkle with dazzling tableware and eye-catching centrepieces to complement your festive feast. The Xmas trend this year leans towards a vintage look accompanied by a touch of glitter. You can also use bold colours to enliven the table and set the mood for an enchanting evening. Christmas Cookspaces Don't leave out your kitchen when you decorate for Christmas. Go for festive yet functional kitchenware that you can use all year long. Cozy Corners Christmas is also a time for reflection and chilling out. Adorn your sofas or beds with plush and lush fabrics to introduce a cosy yet chic atmosphere to your quiet corners. Check out Metrojaya's Christmas catalogue for more ideas | www.metrojaya.com.my Styling and photography by Metrojaya
      Picture for blog post Pool Cool: 5 Poolside Styling Ideas to Inspire You

      Pool Cool: 5 Poolside Styling Ideas to Inspire You

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      You could just opt for a simplistic set of stackable plastic outdoor furniture for the sake of cost and convenience - but if you’re aiming for a resort-calibre poolside environment, or if you’ve read our pointers regarding swimming pool design, you may also be interested in reading our tips on embellishing your poolside to match the aesthetics of the world’s most scenic holiday villas.

      Minimal Appeal Image Credit: Les Asia

      The narrow profiles and lightweight compositions of minimalist furnishings provide the practical functions of seating and table surfaces without interrupting a picturesque backdrop. In the pictured poolside decorated by Les Asia, the scenic panorama of the lush greenery and far-flung blue-green slopes is preserved through the white plastic cane webbing of the Vera lounge chair from the Chiaramonte–Marin design studio.

      Light & Bright Image Credit: Bridgman

      White furnishings tend to provide a layer of elegance to classically-inspired outdoor environments composed of manicured gardens, brick-lined water bodies, and antique fountains. With contemporary frames and semi-transparent elements, the pictured patio furniture bridges the thematic gap between the classical garden background and the countryside aesthetics evoked by the expanse of wood deck flooring in the foreground.

      Streamline Style Image Credit: Bridgman

      While white furniture may complement a classical décor, or may be intentionally used to provide seating arrangements with greater emphasis, the predominance of greys in modern architectural finishes often lead to the creation of potentially disconcerting monochromatic contrasts. The previously pictured furniture set is presented in an optional finish of grey to complement the preferred present-day combination of stone, steel, and glass.

      Neutral Nuances Image Credit: Les Asia

      The pictured left and right-handed Brafta sectional ends, from the Skyline brand of designer outdoor furniture, are combined to assemble a lounger fit for two on this poolside. The cane weaved backs of these loungers are of a height similar to the planter boxes in the background, creating the impression of upholstery nestled into a rocky nook.

      Serene Waves Image Credit: Ethimo

      A display of contrasted forms provides a brief respite from spaces designed in strict adherence to the modern aesthetic. The pictured poolside is composed with an abundance of straight lines and right angles serving as implied borders around the circular furniture.

      Picture for blog post Pretty as a Picture: 14 Ways to Display Art at Home

      Pretty as a Picture: 14 Ways to Display Art at Home

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      It's really fun and enjoyable to pick out art pieces for our homes. But once you have your favourite art work, how do you display it at home? Framing it up is a good way to do so, but there are actually many ways to arrange a good piece of art to blend in with your interior style. Here are some ideas to easily display your art pieces in stylish ways. 1 Make your art piece a part of your living room's overall style. In this example, the black and white print beautifully complements the sofa setting. Art can even be in the form of pillows like the singular colourful piece on the sofa, which creates an immediate focal point. 2 Affix open shelves on the walls to display your art. Placing it next to a mirror also adds depth and gives your wall a focal element. 3 You can also use your favourite prints to enliven empty corners in the house by creating a collection of displays on top of a console. 4 You don't need to frame up prints all the time. Polariod shots or printed photos in their original non-framed state make great art displays at home as well. 5 If you are framing a different set of paintings or prints, use similar frames. If your paintings are similar in style and tone, you can use different frames to create visual interest. 6 You can also create symmetry by grouping prints and frames of the same style and colour palette. 7 An art piece makes a great decorative feature for your dining room walls. Choose something that brings out your table setting. 8 For a more casual look in the dining space, mix up your framed art pieces. In fact, let it hang randomly on the wall - you don't have to keep the frames straight and stiff all the time. 9 However, if you prefer a more formal look, arrange your frames in a straight and linear fashion. You can break the monotony by introducing a circular frame. 10 For bedrooms, an art piece over the headboard is always an easy yet effective way to enhance the appeal of the room. 11 For something a little different, you can try layered groupings of framed art. 12 In lieu of actual paintings or prints, how about maps on the wall? 13 Use art to introduce colours to your living spaces. 14 For a touch of eclectic and exotic appearance, choose art work that have an antiquated and handcrafted treatment. We have more tips here on how to make your living spaces stand out with unique decorating elements.
      Picture for blog post Outdoor Craft: 4 Ways to Make Outdoor Accessories from Recycled Items

      Outdoor Craft: 4 Ways to Make Outdoor Accessories from Recycled Items

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      With the ever-increasing sweltering heat serving as a reminder that accelerated climate change is a real thing, and in view of the prolific rate at which we throw things away, we thought it prudent to take stock of the things some creative homeowners have been doing with recycled materials to furnish outdoor spaces in vintage style without breaking the bank.

      Planters A commonly seen use of recycled materials occurs in planter boxes. Rubber tires, glass bottles, tea tins, old furniture, discarded cookware, and even bathroom fixtures can be easily used to shore up the sides of planters, or to individually hold soil and plants within themselves.

      Without any modification, this clawfoot tub is simply transported outside to serve as a planter box. Image Source

      Lighting Discarded glassware is also ideal for use in homemade lighting fixtures thanks to their translucence. Glass containers keep candles that have been placed inside them lit, and can be used to keep exposed bulbs of lighting fixtures dry. Bottles with narrow necks can be repurposed as candle holders, while mason jars with wider mouths can be used to shield a flame from wind or to fully enclose a lightbulb.

      Jars can be used as candle holders to prevent the wind from blowing out the flames. Image Source

      Furnishing Furnishing outdoor spaces does not necessarily entail significant expenditure, especially when one considers making their own furniture out of reclaimed wood. Old railway sleepers, warehouse pallets, or even those immense cable spools can be modified and cobbled together to make for some truly bespoke furnishings capable of enduring years of sun and rain. As an added bonus, screw on some caster wheels to make your furniture arrangements more versatile.

      This rustic outdoor seating is formed from stacks of pallets, with the advantage of mobility provided by the caster wheels. Image Source

      Perhaps the most ubiquitous example of using recycled materials is the archetypal tire swing, prevalently used in rural settings since that bygone era when children had no choice other than to go outdoors for entertainment. The tire swing can be achieved by simply combining a discarded car tire with a length of rope thrown over a sturdy branch.

      The archetypal tire swing. Image Source

      Barbeque Pits Recycling metallic items is inherently problematic as most industrial applications require metals of the highest purities, but discarded metal objects often make for unique barbeque sets espcially when composed of stainless or carbon-coated steel. The homemade barbeque set is typically just an industrial-grade steel drum which has been cut open, but with a dose of creativity almost any metal object can be converted into a container for hot coals. Take the road less travelled by considering the use of an old car wheel as a fire pit by welding a perforated steel plate to the bottom and placing a grill over the top.

      Almost any metallic object can be converted into a homemade barbeque grill. Image Source  
      Picture for blog post Vanity Flair: 5 His & Hers Vanity Countertop Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

      Vanity Flair: 5 His & Hers Vanity Countertop Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Some reading this may have experienced this first-hand: you’re up in a rush to get ready for the day - and as much as your heart surges at the sight of your loved one, you find your schedule stalled as your significant other is in the midst of an unreasonably lengthy grooming ritual at the master bathroom’s only sink. In the interest of keeping things cordial in the bathroom, we went ahead and listed five ideas for incorporating a second sink.

      Diverse Influences Interior design by: FIX Design Solutions

      Seemingly disparate influences are brought together in this bathroom decorated by FIX Design Solutions, the result is a lightweight and eclectic ensemble suitable for the typical sizes of bathrooms in modern homes. Generous elliptical mirrors hang in a tight formation above a pair of farmhouse-style sinks, while the white aprons contrast against a background of black tile in monochromatic fashion.

      Symbolic Arrangement Interior design by: Latitude Design

      Just as two halves make a whole, the double sinks occupy a circular vanity in the centre of this space decorated by Latitude Design, proving that the bathroom counter need not necessarily be along the walls. Acting as both a practical feature and as a visually grounding element in the centre of the space, the accompanying mirrors are embedded into a partition that is held above the counter, resulting in the mirrors appearing to float across the diameter of the round counter.

      Elegantly Unbound Interior design by: Desigva Interior

      In this bathroom decorated by Desigva Interior, a protracted length of countertop is used to host twin basins with ample space in between, producing an expansive and luxurious ambiance. The elegantly simplistic space is complemented by an ethereal glow spilling onto the polished stone, the same light from recesses beneath the mirror forming an intangible frame around the vanity.

      Framed in Wood Interior design by: MDS

      With wall space at a premium in most bathrooms, countertops may have to be kept in check with the addition of other elements. In this space decorated by MDS Interiors, the vanity is bookended by wooden cabinetry to contain the length of countertop within a frame, and to keep it from overwhelming the rest of the bathroom.

      Composed for Opulence Interior design by: Casa Indah

      When ideal proportions and luxurious materials converge, a bathroom evoking imagery of an upscale hotel emerges. The vanity in this bathroom is a relatively simplistic arrangement consisting of a pair of wide basins presented against a backdrop of marbled stone, with a countertop composed of plain black stone and cabinet doors of dark wood providing the necessary contrast.

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