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      Picture for blog post 5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Ovens are such an important investment for the home, especially if you love cooking. This said, you should always opt for something that not only helps you cook more efficiently in the kitchen, but makes cleaning up a breeze too. Here are some built-in ovens that are worth looking into if you want a quality piece that's stylish and highly functional.
      1 For those who want a time-saving oven: iOVEN With the iOVEN, cooking can be a fast, easy and enjoyable activity - thanks to the oven's thoughtfully-designed features. If you are out ideas what to make, the oven presents 50 preset international recipes displayed in a full-colour screen. Just select the recipe of your choice, prepare the ingredients and a homecooked meal is just a button away! To ensure meals turn out well, the oven also comes equipped with Surround Temp to guarantee heat is distributed evenly, even when you are cooking at different levels. Additionally, there is a Meatprobe function which provides complete control of temperature for cooking meat, poultry and fish. This oven also features a Softclose system and comes with free Multicook trays.  
      2. For those who love steak: SteakMaster Oven If you love steak - whether raw, medium or well-done, the SteakMaster is a must-have in the kitchen. As the world's first steak oven, SteakMaster is designed with the exclusive SteakGrill technology which provides up to 700ºC cooking temperature, allowing you to cook steak, Entrecote, rib-eye steak or grilled hamburgers in just a few minutes - much like a barbeque! There are also 20 special automatic meat programs to suit different cooking preferences. On top of this, the oven features a special cast iron grid for easier preparation of grilled meats while the DualClean Pyrolysis + Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System makes cleaning after cooking a simpler process. The oven also includes a complementary 210mm Arcos®️ chef's knife. https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=p4svwvTymaw' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>  
      3 For those who has an all-white kitchen: HLB 840 White Oven White-toned ovens are especially rare in the market, that is why the HLB 840 White Oven is highly sought after by those who are opting for an ultra-modern all-white kitchen. With a full-glass inner door and 2 glazed doors, the design of this A+ energy class oven is sleek and luxurious-looking - just perfect for high end kitchens. The oven features fingerprint-proof stainless steel while its profile is designed with cleans lines that blend seamlessly with contemporary kitchens. Along with 9 cooking functions that make whipping up a delicious meal an easy endeavour, the oven's Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System also ensures cleaning up after cooking a less tedious ordeal.
      4 For those who want a multifunctional oven: HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer Do you love cooking in different ways? Then the HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer is a great investment! With 15 cooking functions that include steaming, baking, roasting, grilling and more, this oven also comes with 20 preset recipes. With tangential ventilation to ensure quality cooking, the oven also features the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system for easier clean-up after using the oven.
      5 For those who are looking for an affordable yet quality oven: HBB 635 Oven When quality and price are two important criteria in your oven shopping list, the HBB 635 Oven would check all the right boxes. At 71 litres, this is the ideal oven if you want something easy to use yet durable. There are 8 cooking functions as well as a minute minder to make cooking a simpler and more enjoyable experience. With the addition of the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system, cleaning up after cooking is made much easier.
      For more info, log on to www.teka.com.my. Also like and follow TEKA on FB: www.facebook.com/tekamalaysia and Instagram www.instagram.com/tekamalaysia
      Picture for blog post Best Luxury Furniture Store in Malaysia

      Best Luxury Furniture Store in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      With a wide collection of exceptional European furniture pieces, Forest Furniture is all about creating an ultimate luxury lifestyle. Passion, premium and prestige - these values are synonymous with Forest Furniture, a brand renowned for their extensive range of world-class furniture products from Europe, primarily from Italy. Established in 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Forest offers only the best quality products and services aimed at enhancing their clients’ lifestyle and quality of life.  
      Forest Collection A classic inspiration for modern homes, the Forest Collection creates ultimate luxury via a series of flexibility features. Mix and match different concepts and leverage on the furniture's extra features to make it all work beautifully. Sometimes, an elegant leather or fabric sofa from this collection is all you need to spruce up a dull living space and give your home a mark of luxury.
      Gamma Gamma expresses a distinctive contemporary design, made possible by traditional workmanship and high craftsmanship. With its remarkable collections, Gamma exudes attention to beauty, functionality and comfort from all dimensions, resulting in an international style marked by luxury and exclusivity.
      Saba At Saba, we never stop exploring new ideas, because the world of home furnishing never stops evolving. We move with you, with your way of living and decorating your homes.
      Art Nova ART NOVA is a worldwide privileged referent to exclusive show-rooms, but also a reliable partner in custom-made design projects.
      Turati T4 We create the home environment you desire with a simple premise in mind: bringing timeless style and distinction to your home with quality furnishings.
      Mobilform A taste that focuses on the issue of authenticity, of innovation that comes from tradition. Thus, the play of contrasts between raw materials that blend with the uniqueness of wood grain and the expressive truth of natural materials, underlines a wise use of finishings.
      Masiero Masiero is an Italian story of passion, elegance, tradition and success in the art of lighting, recognised and chosen throughout the world. The made-in-Italy prestige of its creations, inspired by the most ancient Venetian art, is an excellence carefully tended day after day, with impeccable dedication, taste and style.
      Forest Furniture No 7-8-9, Lot 26483, Lebuhraya KL-Seremban, Off Jalan Sg Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 017-887 0783 www.forestfurniture.com.my
      Picture for blog post 4 Best Mooncake Sets in Malaysia to Sweeten Your Mid-Autumn Festival

      4 Best Mooncake Sets in Malaysia to Sweeten Your Mid-Autumn Festival

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      When creativity is part of the mix, there is more to mooncakes than meets the eye and your tastebuds. As you indulge in the tantalizing flavours and delicious ingredients of different mooncakes, the mooncake boxes are quite a treat too! These four mooncake sets from Hong Kong MX Mooncakes may just get you over the moon this Mid-Autumn Festival!
      Classic Mooncakes by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes New mooncake flavours may abound, but nothing compares to the time-honoured ones made from classic ingredients. If you are one of those who relish traditional mooncakes, you will love this classic-meets-modern mooncake collection from Hong Kong MX Mooncakes which features their well-loved and iconic mooncakes: White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks and Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks. In this collection, flavours are kept truly authentic - the delicate and velvety taste of the white lotus flavour as well as the creamy and smooth texture of the lotus seed paste flavour will have mooncake aficionados coming back for more. While these two flavours may be traditional, their gift boxes are designed with a contemporary touch. The gold and red backdrops are graced by a dainty silhouette of the moon fairy to signify the legend behind the festival. Other flavours in this collection include the Classic Mixed Nuts Mooncake packaged in an adorable green box featuring a pair of squirrels as well as the Red Bean Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks set within a charming red and purple box with two rabbits illustrated on the front.
      Lava Custard Mooncake by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes It is love at first bite with Hong Kong MX Mooncakes' Lava Custard Mooncake. The rich and creamy lava custard filling laced with golden egg yolk is baked within layers of milky crust, giving you a combination of flavours and textures that are simply unforgettable. If you can’t get enough of the creamy lava experience, the Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake would continue to satiate your tastebuds. The lava varieties aside, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes also includes their best-selling Creamy Custard Mooncake which consists of a creamy custard filling and an aromatic crust. Baked with perfection, this mooncake gives you an enjoyable molten experience as well. With the addition of a classic gift box adorned in warm tones and Oriental motifs that blend traditional prosperity emblems and modern artistry, this mooncake collection is a memorable Mid-Autumn gift that would immediately warm the hearts of your recipients. This year, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes also added the Delicate Trio and Custard Duet Mooncake gift boxes to the collection. Delicate Trio includes a surprise flavour - the Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake, which is fused with sweet roasted aromas of coffee to accompany your palate as you savour this delightful new flavour.
      Mini Avengers Mooncake Sets by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes Your favourite Marvel superheroes are now the stars of Hong Kong MX Mooncakes’ Mini Avengers Mooncake Sets. While Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and the Hulk share the spotlight in the ‘Marvel Mini Heroes – Avengers Mooncake Lava Custard Mooncakes', Iron Man, the original Marvel superhero gets the limelight all to himself in the ‘Marvel Mini Heroes – Iron Man Mooncake Lava Custard Mooncakes’. Check out how his eyes, chest and palm light up right on the box! Each gift box comes with four Hong Kong MX Mooncakes’ Signature Lava Custard Mooncakes, a treat utilizing Hong Kong MX Mooncakes’ unique ‘double-bake’ technique that bakes the salted egg yolk first before going into the oven again after incorporating the custard.
      Disney Princess Musical Castle Mooncake Set by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrate it with a fairytale experience with Hong Kong MX Mooncake’s Disney Princess Musical Castle Mooncake Set. Featuring dancing princesses and melodious music, this Disney Princess mooncake set is Hong Kong MX Mooncake's first musical mooncake gift box, designed to please your sweet tooth, eyes and even ears! As you indulge in the four tasty Creamy Custard Mooncakes, the box serenades you with "A Whole New World", the all-time favourite number from Disney's Aladdin. Just turn the handle at the bottom of the box and watch Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, and Mulan dance gently to the rhythm of the song.
      To find out more about these mooncakes, log on to https://www.facebook.com/hkmxproducts.my/
      Picture for blog post 7 Best Exhaust (Ventilating) Fans in Malaysia

      7 Best Exhaust (Ventilating) Fans in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Exhaust fans or ventilating fans are actually an important element to have in the kitchen, bathroom and even the bedroom as they help to maintain a good airflow, keeping moist and stale air at bay while removing odours and smells. Here are some of the best exhaust fans from KDK that are built to efficiently improve the air circulation at home. 1 Raku-Raku 25AUFA (25cm/10″) 楽ら One of KDK's latest wall-mounted ventilator fan is Raku-Raku which features high exhaust performance. This exhaust fan comes with an aluminum punching filter with non stick coating for easy maintenance.
      2 EZ Fans 10EGKA (10cm/4″) EN緣 KDK's EZ Fans is a favourite wall-mounted exhaust fan amongst homeowners, thanks to its user-friendly features: it's easy to install, easy to clean, and saves energy. It's excellent for bathroom use, efficiently removing moisture and odour while preventing mould in wet areas. It is also equipped with full accessories.
      3 Wall Mount Propeller15AAQ1 The Wall Mount Propeller (15AAQ1) from KDK is perfect for small rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Powered by a high efficiency motor, it is easy to install and clean. It has an automatic shutter and thermal safety use for users' peace of mind.
      4 Wall Mount Propeller20ALH Featuring five blades and an automatic shutter, KDK's Wall Mount Propeller 20ALH is designed with a new curved shape and a front louver for better appearance and safety. This exhaust fan also features an advanced aerodynamic blade design to minimize obstacle against the airflow. Users can rest assured that its improved high performance condenser motor comes with long life ball bearing. This model is truly energy saving – reducing power consumption down to an average 13%.
      5 Glass Mount Propeller 15WUD (15cm/6″) For glass surfaces, KDK's Glass Mount Propeller can be installed directly onto glass windows (window panel thickness from 3mm-7mm). Highly recommended for bathrooms, this unit features a new advanced blade design for high air volume and low noise level. It also comes with low power consumption (50% reduction vs previous model) and has a "Strengthened Shutter Structure" for better durability.
      6 Ceiling Mount Propeller 15TGQZ With its Q-blade design for perfect balance and quiet operation, KDK's Ceiling Mount Propeller features a high efficiency motor for energy saving. It also has a ball bearing motor for smoother and more durable operation. Suitable for commercial and residential use.
      7 Smarto スマト 24JRB Smarto is one of KDK's best ceiling-mounted Sirocco ventilating fans. This exhaust fan is installed on the ceiling connected with ductwork so that indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Smarto comes with a taper blade design for strong and smooth operation. It can be automatically turned on via its Motion Sensor activated by human motion. It's quiet with a distinctive design of Resonance-Absorption Structure.
      Picture for blog post Top 5 Interior Designers in Kuala Lumpur

      Top 5 Interior Designers in Kuala Lumpur

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Quality design meets exceptional ideas. These interior designers in Kuala Lumpur offer only the best solutions and strategies to create spaces that combine function with artistic outcomes.
      A & A Design Concept & Contract Established in 1997 as a standalone boutique interior design firm, A & A Design Concept & Contract Sdn Bhd has grown from strength to strength to become today’s leading player in distinct luxury for interior spaces. A multi-award winning brand, A&A strives to become an international authority on distinct luxury and benchmark for interior, exterior and structural designs. From stately residences to cutting edge corporate offices, every space bears the hallmarks of their cornerstone philosophy: discover, design, deliver. aa-group.com.my
      One Roof Design One Roof Design is an established team of experienced and dynamic professionals specializing in interior design, build/renovation, residential and commercial product sourcing as well as purchasing and creative marketing services. The company provides one-stop-solution of creative services under one roof for residential and commercial projects. www.oneroofdesign.com
      IQI Concept An award-winning interior design firm based in Kuala Lumpur, IQI Concept specializes in residential and commercial turnkey solutions for a wide clientele from different industries. Known for their distinctive design flair, this fresh and dynamic interior company strives to deliver excellent services and high quality work to their clients. No matter the size and scale of the project, IQI approaches each one of them as a partnership between their client and their team. To date, they have an impressive portfolio of high profile projects ranging from premium residential developments, stylish commercial interiors to exciting retail and F&B spaces. Whether clients are seeking to create the perfect home or office environment that matches their lifestyle and preferences, IQI Concept draws on their years of experience and expertise to give clients the best interior design solutions. www.iqiconcept.com See more of their best interior design projects here.
      SQFT Space Design Management Whether a property show unit, corporate office, retail establishment or private residence, SQFT offers outstanding design and incredible value. From the smallest project to the largest , their singular objective is to work with clients to create an environment that transcends the mundane into signature works of art that engage senses. Founded and run by some of industry’s best talents in interior design & Architecture which is based in Kuala Lumpur, their client's project is managed from day one by a dedicated team to ensure the masterpiece is planned, designed and implemented to perfection. www.sqft.com.my See more of their amazing projects here.
      Turn Design Interior Incorporated in 1998, Turn Design Interior is an established Malaysian company specializing in interior design for homes, condos, offices and more. To date, the company has been awarded many contracts from the government as well as from private sectors. www.turndesign.com.my
      Picture for blog post 5 Best Refrigerators in Malaysia to Buy for Your New Kitchen

      5 Best Refrigerators in Malaysia to Buy for Your New Kitchen

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      A refrigerator is one of the essential appliances to have at home, but how do you know which one is right for you? When it comes to shopping for the right fridge, think about how you use your refrigerator. Do you store a lot of fresh food? Or do you have many items stuffed in your freezer? From the sleek exterior curves and well-thought-out interiors to the way the door handles work, Electrolux refrigerators are designed to meet different requirements. For starters, Electrolux has different refrigerator sizes for every need, all power-packed with innovative features so that keeping food fresher for longer becomes a truly convenient task. Check out these five to see which one fits you best.
      1 Perfect Temperature: NutriFresh® Inverter French Door Fridge (EHE6879A-B) The highlight of this model is its FlexFresh® drawer which offers the widest temperature range in the market that is suitable for all storage conditions; from -23°C to +7°C. With the UltraChill settings at -2°C, items are kept very cold, but not frozen so their textures are preserved for longer in chilled conditions and you do not have to worry about inconvenient defrosting.
      2 Premium Performance: Side by Side Fridge (ESE5301AG-MY) Together with its premium design and power of 360 Cooling, the Electrolux Side by Side refrigerator transforms your kitchen into a place to inspire and be inspired. Understated elegance – inspiration for new possibilities for great tasting meals with the freshest ingredients. 360 Cooling circulates air throughout the entire fridge, so each compartment and shelf is cooled evenly and at a consistent temperature. This means that you have the flexibility to store anywhere in the fridge with confidence.
      3 Fresh-Proof: NutriFresh® Inverter Bottom Mount Fridge (EBE4500AA) For those needing more space for storing fresh foods, the FreshShield Crisper in this model keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for seven days by maintaining ideal humidity conditions so you can always experiment with new recipes and create nutritious and balanced meals for your family. The FreshTaste Deodoriser also eliminates 99.8% of bacteria, ensuring your fridge stays fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odour.
      4 Stylish Storage: NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Multi Door Fridge (EME3500MG) With the stability of the NutriFresh® Inverter, 360 Cooling maintains a consistent temperature by cooling each individual shelf. This multi-door model also gives you more storage space. For instance, the FlexStor® features flexible door bin storage allows you to easily accommodate large bottles, small jars and speciality bottles. The bins can be conveniently removed to carry frequently used groups of items to the cooktop.
      5 Top Shelf: NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge (ETB3200BG) Like the other models, this one also offers NutriFresh® Inverter and 360 Cooling to ensure there's consistent temperature throughout the fridge by cooling each individual shelf. Appearance-wise, a state of the art black glass design makes this fridge a centrepiece for your kitchen.
      For more info, log on to https://www.electrolux.com.my/kitchen/refrigerators/
      Picture for blog post 5 Best Washing Machines in Malaysia with the Smartest Features

      5 Best Washing Machines in Malaysia with the Smartest Features

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Washing machines have just got smarter recently, thanks to the advent of technology and brands that truly listen to what their customers need and would benefit from. Bosch washing machines come highly recommended - and we can see why. Whether it's their top-loader, front-loader or washer-dryer, each model comes with very innovative features that precisely offers what modern homeowners would want: speedier washing process, energy-saving, simple-to-use functions and most importantly, ultra-clean clothes at a touch of button. Here are five from Bosch that are checking off all the right boxes. 1 No damage. Perfect wash and dry results: Serie | 6 Automatic washer dryer With Bosch, integrated solutions are always a smart option, never a compromise: their washer dryers not only wash flawlessly clean, they also dry perfectly and quickly, all in one solid appliance. This makes them the ideal choice for all those who value high performance and efficiency but lack space. This model is powered by VarioPerfect™ which features high performance programmes, allowing you to clean your laundry with 20% less energy or reduce cleaning time by 65%
      2 Powerful washing results without damaging clothes: Serie | 4 Bosch PowerWave Pro Top-Loading Washer Cleaner clothing is just at your fingertips. Featuring PowerWave Pro, a combination of the innovatively designed impleller and the dynamic waterfall system, this model ensures laundry is thoroughly cleaned with both up/down and circulating movements delivering the best wash results without compromising care for clothes. SpeedPerfect also reduces the wash cycle time by up to 20% without compromising on wash quality. Just one touch of its digital controls and you can automatically select the optimal programme and settings for your laundry load.
      3 Intelligent, precise washing through innovative design: Serie | 8 iDos Front Load Washer Experience eco-friendly washing with the Serie |8 iDos washing machine Bosch's intelligent automatic dosing system to save you water and detergent. The i-Dos™ offers perfect wash results with minimal consumption and maximum convenience while EcoSilence Drive™ ensures extremely energy-efficient and quiet washing. Rated with energy efficiency class A+++, this model is 30% more efficient than conventional washing machines with similar functions.
      4 Bye-bye bacteria, hello cleanliness: Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen Front Load Washer If you want even superbly clean clothing, this model is for you. The ActiveOxygen function in this front load washer keeps your loved ones safe by removing 99.99% of bacteria and germs, even at low washing temperatures. ActiveOxygen is also certified by wfk (the Cleaning Technology Research Institute), an organisation that carries out research in the field of cleaning technology. This model also features the high performing VarioPerfect™ as well as the energy-efficient EcoSilence Drive™.
      5 Peace and quiet with the right amount of water: Serie | 6 EcoSilence Drive Front Load Washer You no longer need to figure out if you are using too much or too little water in your washing machine. This model comes with ActiveWater™ Plus, a pressure and water sensor that measures the washing load and adjusts water intake to 256 precise levels for more cost and water savings. There are also Anti-Vibration side panels to reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process. Also includes Bosch's highly coveted EcoSilence Drive™ and VarioPerfect™ functions.
      For more info, log on to www.bosch-home.com.my/products/washers-dryers
      Picture for blog post Best 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia to Buy

      Best 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia to Buy

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      While our present age has often been painted with skies of flying cars and ordinary lives filled with robotic helpers serving our every whim, the current truth is not that far removed from the lofty ideals of the past - although we are still awaiting the arrival of a fully-autonomous domestic robot on the level of the Jetsons’ "Rosie", we are in fact living in the early days of an amazing age when the tedious task of vacuuming can be relegated to robots. Since we have yet to come across a human being who truly enjoys vacuuming, we assumed there would be some interest in the top five robot vacuums available in Malaysia.

      Corvan picaBot Pro+ Image credit: Corvan The latest picaBot AI series robot can sweep, vacuum, mop and disinfect in one go. The combination of super high suction power, large electronic water tank, extra-long double spin brushes cleans better than most manual cleaning. Thanks to the latest laser mapping technology acting as the eyes of the robot, picaBot cleans every space systematically without missing any spot up to a whooping 3,000sqft in daylight or darkness. While drop detection and auto return to charge is standard among robotic cleaners, picaBot is at another level that is highly customisable by using the app to set cleaning areas, forbidden areas, cleaning time, suction level as well as mopping dampness. Users can also control and see the picaBot’s cleaning path real time anywhere, anytime via their mobile phone. Interested to find out more about Corvan picaBot? We did a full review of it here!  
      Dyson 360 Eye Image Credit: Dyson

      Dyson’s 360 Eye™ hits all the right notes in an ode to the robotic vacuum cleaner: 360-degree awareness afforded by an omni-directional camera, a slim-profile recharging station for the robot to automatically dock with when it runs low on energy - and an impressive navigational package that enables this robot to track its journey around obstacles or drops while it works its way through gaps as narrow as 9 inches. While these features are expected in any robotic vacuum cleaner, the 360 Eye is differentiated by tough tank tracks where one would normally find wheels, in addition to Dyson’s own technological revolutions - the V2 digital impeller and the Radial Root Cyclone™ centrifugal action, providing higher suction while entailing lower energy requirements and noise levels.

      iRobot Roomba 880 Image Credit: PCMag

      When most other appliance giants steered away from robotic vacuum cleaners at the turn of the millennium, iRobot’s Roomba was charming homeowners with a pet-like personality expressed through a surprising ability to occasionally detect and avoid hazardous elements in its surroundings - which is why the Roomba brand is as synonymous to robotic vacuum cleaners as Xerox was once to photocopiers. Due in part to iRobot’s early start, one of the latest iterations of the Roomba - the 880, is equipped with a host of sensors that enables it to work with iRobot’s Virtual Wall® accessories, to push past soft obstacles, to persistently go over spots with high concentrations of dirt, and to clean one room at a time.

      Neato Botvac D85 Image Credit: Neato Robotics

      Typical robot vacuums use their arrays of intelligent sensors to avoid dangers such as stairs and housepets while working, but Neato Robotic’s D85 Botvac uses technology pioneered by military forces and a higher level of intelligence to map, understand, and move through its environment gracefully. Using laser range finders and the kind of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms found in airborne drones, the D85 Botvac plans its motions and cleans methodically - going as far as even retaining maps between battery charges so that it can continue the task at hand after a quick break.

      Panasonic RULO Image Credit: 11Street

      The problem of reaching for dust in the extents of a 90-degree corner has long plagued robot vacuum cleaners, but Panasonic’s Rulo gets around that issue with its novel shape - the Reuleaux triangle. The Rulo’s namesake shape enables it to reach into corners with the tips of its rotating brushes, while its 92-millimetre height enables it to slip into the forgotten realms beneath sofas and beds. As expected for appliances bearing the Panasonic brand, this particular device includes an ionising plate on its underside that grounds and renders inert any dust particles it comes across.

      * Brands are listed alphabetically
      Picture for blog post 5 Best Kitchen Hoods in Malaysia

      5 Best Kitchen Hoods in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      While we certainly appreciate the heady fumes of a home-cooked meal after a long day, most of us could do without the smell of cooking spreading to the far corners of the house between meals. As anyone who has worked over a hot stove can attest, a proper kitchen needs a means of moving air around - not just so that the chef gets to enjoy a fresh breeze, but also to keep the kitchen from turning into a spectacle of smoke and grease fires, which is why we looked at the best cooker hoods around and listed our top five favourites here.

      Bosch If you are looking for a good-looking, hardworking hood Bosch Series | 6 wall-mounted cooker hood would check all the right boxes. Featuring a 90 cm clear glass black printed form, this hood comes equipped with PerfectAir sensor which provides automatic control of settings for maximal extractor performance with minimal noise. With an extraction rate of 730 m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality, this extra silent hood features an inclined design which gives it an elegant appearance - but it's more than meets the eye, because the angled structure makes it convenient for you to keep an eye on your hob while reducing the chances of bumping your head on it! With hidden screws and cables along with rounded edges, it's also easy to clean the hood interior. www.bosch-home.com.my


      Quality and high performance define the Culitec cooker hood, meticulously designed with a modern appearance that fit into contemporary kitchens elegantly. Featuring Culitec's unique auto link function, these hoods can be wirelessly linked to Culitec gas and electric hobs to give you a seamless experience in the kitchen. Made with high grade materials to ensure durability, Culitec hoods come with powerful motors that can extract all steam and odours so that you can rest assured your kitchen stays clean and fresh all the time. If you are going for a sleek and minimalist-looking hood, the EXB90SS-L model features a 4-speed touch control chimney extractor in stainless steel finish and comes equipped with auto hob linkage. It also incorporates a charcoal filter and dual mode, allowing you to choose between ducted or recirculating mode. Made from aluminium alloy, Culitec's EXA90MB-L model presents an ultra-modern hood for modern cookspaces with its matt black finish. The hood offers a 3-speed electronic switch control with power boost and comes with a stainless steel aluminium grease filter. Like all Culitec's appliances, it is also equipped with auto linkage which works wirelessly with your gas hobs. When you turn on your hob to cook, the cooker hood automatically turns on and when you are done, it will automatically turn off after one and half a minute.   www.kitch.com.my
      Lebensstil Kollektion LKCHi-9120 is the first model of the new Inverter Series cooker hoods by Lebensstil Kollektion. It is a well-designed, high-performance cooker hood that meets users' need for efficiency and aesthetic in the kitchen. Incorporated with a fully-sealed DC inverter motor, this hood is powerful yet energy-saving, consuming 63% less energy while ensuring 14% more air flow and generating 91% more air pressure compared to a conventional motor. When turned on, the hood is very quiet with a low operational noise level of less than 53dB – this is akin to the sound of conversations at normal volume. The hood also comes with 9-Speed Stepless Changing, offering users a simple and easy way to adjust the hood's speed according to the demand, which saves electricity in the long run. With its sensor touch control, tempered glass finish and metal fan with Teflon finish, this smart-looking hood is truly an essential piece to have in modern kitchens. lebensstilkollektion.com
      Teka Quiet yet powerful. Sophisticated and elegant. The new QUADRO DLV 998 Hood from Teka is power-packed with high performance features that fit perfectly into modern kitchens. As one of the quietest hoods around, this hood produces a noise level of only 37dB, which is equivalent to conversation volume when it is turned on – this means you can barely hear it even when it is running at full capacity. This hood also comes with an ECOPOWER motor, which ensures the lowest power consumption (27 Kwh/year) while offering you maximum absorption capacity. Easy to clean and operate, this hood is designed with a CONTOUR perimeter aspiration system that renews the air in your kitchen 27 times every hour, keeping the space clean and odour-free. https://youtu.be/CQ47m43QYdA' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>   www.teka.com
      * Brands are listed alphabetically
      Picture for blog post Best Windows and Doors Solution for Homes in Malaysia

      Best Windows and Doors Solution for Homes in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Well-designed and high quality doors and windows are important to ensure your home is safe, comfortable and stylish at the same time. These two essential elements also play a significant role in bringing natural light, air and views from the outdoors while offering you privacy and security. To help you make better window and door choices, Malaysia's leading aluminum door and window manufacturer, Window Elements highlights some of the key points that you should take into consideration.
      #1 ENSURING A SECURE HOME One of the main functions of your windows and doors is to keep your home safe and sound from intruders, bad weather, and in some cases - even mosquitoes! While they keep unwanted elements out and offer you privacy, they should also allow views and natural air and light into the home at the same time. When it comes to home security, the ArxTech Swing Door System from Window Elements comes highly recommended. At first glance, these aluminium doors are ultra-stylish, which means they blend perfectly into modern homes. But there's more to these doors than meet the eye. Designed as a security mesh door to replace bulky traditional steel bar doors, this system ensures optimum security by using a multi-point locking system which secures both the top and bottom of the door panel. For windows, Windows Element advises homeowners that it is always ideal to get systems that are specially designed to improve natural ventilation, especially for Malaysian weather. For instance, the Breezway Altair Louvres allow fresh air to permeate homes so that the indoor temperature can be naturally reduced and thus decreasing the need for air-conditioning systems. When closed, Altair Louvres seal tight to provide superior wind and water performance and offer a range of glazing options to suit the Asian climate.
      #2 WINDOWS AND DOORS THAT LAST It's a pain when you have to replace your doors or windows every few years because of wear and tear. While it is not a major renovation, it is still a tedious project that takes up time, money and effort. It is this reason that every homeowner should invest in high quality windows and doors that are durable and hardy against our hot and humid weather. The ArxTech Casement Window from Window Elements proves to be one of the most flexible yet sturdiest systems in their collection. A security mesh system which serves to replace traditional grille bars and mosquito netting, these casement windows are also built with high performance features. Through meticulous research and testing, ArxTech offers a window system with high levels of thermal performance and a multi-point interlocking system that is able to withstand high levels of daily use and abuse (i.e. pushing and pulling forces). When you are looking for a quality door, make sure that it is made from high quality materials. The Optima 88 Folding Door from Window Elements is made from premium grade aluminium which provides strength, security, durability, user-friendly functionality and minimal maintenance. As they are made from weather-friendly materials, these folding doors are suitable as an exterior door that links to outside patio, balcony, garden or swimming pool deck.
      #3 COMFORT AND EASE There's nothing more annoying than constantly having to use force to open tight windows or dealing with doors that won't close properly. Whether you want them closed, semi opened or fully opened, a good example of doors built to work efficiently is the Optima 68 Sliding Door from Window Elements. This door gives you that graceful and smooth motion, so you can open and close with great ease and comfort. No more pushing and pulling with frustration or awful screeching sounds just to get in and out.
      #4 VERSATILE VARIETY More than just openings on buildings, windows and doors also contribute to the beauty and style of your home. As each home has its own design characteristics, it's essential to have different window and door options that fit different layouts to select from. Window Elements offer customers a wide range to choose from and if you are spoilt for choice, their experienced consultants can help you with selecting the best windows and doors solution for specific space requirements. For example, if you happen to like a more minimalist-styled look, the brand recommends their Optima 29 Casement Window which features a sleek appeareance and comes with an array of styles, shapes and sizes to fit different specifications. There are also different glass, powder coated colour or wood grain finishes to match your preferred interior style.
      #5 EASY TO MAINTAIN Window Elements also points out that it is best to opt for windows that are easy to maintain. Blinds, for example are known to be really difficult to clean. However, the brand's WinBlind collection has a air tight enclosure which means you will no longer need to dust and clean your blinds so often as this nifty feature keeps dust at bay.
      Check out how Window Elements' collections enhance beautiful homes in these videos:   https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=Erj7f9Kh384' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>   https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=kcGep_jkSwA' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>   Find out more about Window Elements' amazing windows and doors on their website: window-elements.com.
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