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      Picture for blog post 換上這幾種五金配件,廚櫃衣櫃收納量倍增!|Pio Style:A Must Have Cabinet Accessories To Increase Your Storage Space

      換上這幾種五金配件,廚櫃衣櫃收納量倍增!|Pio Style:A Must Have Cabinet Accessories To Increase Your Storage Space

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      隨著我們生活型態的轉變,房子越小使得住宅空間越來越重視收納的議題。看似不起眼的五金配件,其實正是將櫥櫃收納發揮最大作用的關鍵。市面上有多種五金配件,該怎麼挑選才能搭配出最適合你的設計?一起來看看Pio Style都有哪些實用的傢俱五金配件!
      Picture for blog post 「建材科普」還沒裝修必看!新型牆面裝飾材料,施工快速即裝即入住!|Cikachi BCF Wallpaper Board:The Alternative Solution To Wallpaper

      「建材科普」還沒裝修必看!新型牆面裝飾材料,施工快速即裝即入住!|Cikachi BCF Wallpaper Board:The Alternative Solution To Wallpaper

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Picture for blog post 「建材科普」喜歡木質感的家居環境?新一代再生綠色建材,CP值遠超於實木!|GRM Composite Wood:A Sustainable Solution Which Enhances Your Living Environment

      「建材科普」喜歡木質感的家居環境?新一代再生綠色建材,CP值遠超於實木!|GRM Composite Wood:A Sustainable Solution Which Enhances Your Living Environment

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Picture for blog post 5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Ovens are such an important investment for the home, especially if you love cooking. This said, you should always opt for something that not only helps you cook more efficiently in the kitchen, but makes cleaning up a breeze too. Here are some built-in ovens that are worth looking into if you want a quality piece that's stylish and highly functional.
      1 For those who want a time-saving oven: iOVEN With the iOVEN, cooking can be a fast, easy and enjoyable activity - thanks to the oven's thoughtfully-designed features. If you are out ideas what to make, the oven presents 50 preset international recipes displayed in a full-colour screen. Just select the recipe of your choice, prepare the ingredients and a homecooked meal is just a button away! To ensure meals turn out well, the oven also comes equipped with Surround Temp to guarantee heat is distributed evenly, even when you are cooking at different levels. Additionally, there is a Meatprobe function which provides complete control of temperature for cooking meat, poultry and fish. This oven also features a Softclose system and comes with free Multicook trays.  
      2. For those who love steak: SteakMaster Oven If you love steak - whether raw, medium or well-done, the SteakMaster is a must-have in the kitchen. As the world's first steak oven, SteakMaster is designed with the exclusive SteakGrill technology which provides up to 700ºC cooking temperature, allowing you to cook steak, Entrecote, rib-eye steak or grilled hamburgers in just a few minutes - much like a barbeque! There are also 20 special automatic meat programs to suit different cooking preferences. On top of this, the oven features a special cast iron grid for easier preparation of grilled meats while the DualClean Pyrolysis + Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System makes cleaning after cooking a simpler process. The oven also includes a complementary 210mm Arcos®️ chef's knife. https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=p4svwvTymaw' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>  
      3 For those who has an all-white kitchen: HLB 840 White Oven White-toned ovens are especially rare in the market, that is why the HLB 840 White Oven is highly sought after by those who are opting for an ultra-modern all-white kitchen. With a full-glass inner door and 2 glazed doors, the design of this A+ energy class oven is sleek and luxurious-looking - just perfect for high end kitchens. The oven features fingerprint-proof stainless steel while its profile is designed with cleans lines that blend seamlessly with contemporary kitchens. Along with 9 cooking functions that make whipping up a delicious meal an easy endeavour, the oven's Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System also ensures cleaning up after cooking a less tedious ordeal.
      4 For those who want a multifunctional oven: HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer Do you love cooking in different ways? Then the HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer is a great investment! With 15 cooking functions that include steaming, baking, roasting, grilling and more, this oven also comes with 20 preset recipes. With tangential ventilation to ensure quality cooking, the oven also features the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system for easier clean-up after using the oven.
      5 For those who are looking for an affordable yet quality oven: HBB 635 Oven When quality and price are two important criteria in your oven shopping list, the HBB 635 Oven would check all the right boxes. At 71 litres, this is the ideal oven if you want something easy to use yet durable. There are 8 cooking functions as well as a minute minder to make cooking a simpler and more enjoyable experience. With the addition of the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system, cleaning up after cooking is made much easier.
      For more info, log on to www.teka.com.my. Also like and follow TEKA on FB: www.facebook.com/tekamalaysia and Instagram www.instagram.com/tekamalaysia
      Picture for blog post Get Inspired by Cosentino's Kitchen Designs This MCO

      Get Inspired by Cosentino's Kitchen Designs This MCO

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      We know it has been a tough period amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, and an ongoing month-long MCO. Do not worry as Cosentino Malaysia would like to offer you 3 simple solutions to how you can spend your time wisely. 1. Online shopping We know you’ve missed going to malls, but we can offer you the next best thing! Our website (www.cosentino.com) is filled with an array of surfaces you can choose or get inspiration from for your next home project. If not, just check out our new collection, we promise it’s worth a scroll! 2. Design your own kitchen With Cosentino Kitchen 3D (http://kitchen3d.cosentino.com/), you can make your dream kitchen come come alive with the creation of 3D images where you can configure the colour, the edge and the sink! 3. #wearehygiene Share your tips/ habits of safety and hygiene in the kitchen/bathroom on FB and IG. Do tag @CosentinoAsia and hashtag #wearehygiene and #cosentinoMY, we would love to see your beautiful stories!
      Picture for blog post Best Luxury Furniture Store in Malaysia

      Best Luxury Furniture Store in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      With a wide collection of exceptional European furniture pieces, Forest Furniture is all about creating an ultimate luxury lifestyle. Passion, premium and prestige - these values are synonymous with Forest Furniture, a brand renowned for their extensive range of world-class furniture products from Europe, primarily from Italy. Established in 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Forest offers only the best quality products and services aimed at enhancing their clients’ lifestyle and quality of life.  
      Forest Collection A classic inspiration for modern homes, the Forest Collection creates ultimate luxury via a series of flexibility features. Mix and match different concepts and leverage on the furniture's extra features to make it all work beautifully. Sometimes, an elegant leather or fabric sofa from this collection is all you need to spruce up a dull living space and give your home a mark of luxury.
      Gamma Gamma expresses a distinctive contemporary design, made possible by traditional workmanship and high craftsmanship. With its remarkable collections, Gamma exudes attention to beauty, functionality and comfort from all dimensions, resulting in an international style marked by luxury and exclusivity.
      Saba At Saba, we never stop exploring new ideas, because the world of home furnishing never stops evolving. We move with you, with your way of living and decorating your homes.
      Art Nova ART NOVA is a worldwide privileged referent to exclusive show-rooms, but also a reliable partner in custom-made design projects.
      Turati T4 We create the home environment you desire with a simple premise in mind: bringing timeless style and distinction to your home with quality furnishings.
      Mobilform A taste that focuses on the issue of authenticity, of innovation that comes from tradition. Thus, the play of contrasts between raw materials that blend with the uniqueness of wood grain and the expressive truth of natural materials, underlines a wise use of finishings.
      Masiero Masiero is an Italian story of passion, elegance, tradition and success in the art of lighting, recognised and chosen throughout the world. The made-in-Italy prestige of its creations, inspired by the most ancient Venetian art, is an excellence carefully tended day after day, with impeccable dedication, taste and style.
      Forest Furniture No 7-8-9, Lot 26483, Lebuhraya KL-Seremban, Off Jalan Sg Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 017-887 0783 www.forestfurniture.com.my
      Picture for blog post My Favourite Brands: Mattress Brands in Malaysia

      My Favourite Brands: Mattress Brands in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      A good mattress is the primary requirement for comfortable sleep. With so many options available, choosing one that matches your needs and budget is not that easy. To make choosing the right mattress easier here's a review of the 5 best mattress brands (2020/21) available in Malaysia.
      Dunlopillo Before colour television was introduced and the world still saw things in shades of grey, a scientist in the UK named Mr. E.A. Murphy invented Dunlopillo latex in 1929. Thus began the rich history of Dunlopillo, and soon their first – and the world’s first – latex mattresses were made. Since then, their contribution to innovation has helped to bring comfort and support in sleep to the lives of millions. In Malaysia, Dunlopillo is a popular choice with homeowners looking for a long lasting and comfortable yet elegant mattress to complement their bedrooms. The Talasilver Wave collection is one of their top ranges which feature revolutionary latex that offers superb resilience and excellent ventilation. Other key collections include the Latexworld Series and more.
      Goodnite Since 1989, Goodnite is associated with superior sleeping comfort and quality assurance. A trusted brand name, Goodnite offers quality, innovative and affordable mattresses as well as other bedding products. Delivering more than just comfort, Goodnite's leading edge innovation, StatFree® has been proven to improve sleep and health issues. Through this technology, Goodnite mattresses are woven with carbon thread which is as thin as hair to discharge body static. This certified technology draws static electricity which is harmful to humans out of your body and neutralizes them into the air. With StatFree®, you can sleep deeper, wake up fresher and recover from fatigue faster. Discover the best of StatFree® via Goodnite's Love Series mattresses. Equipped with the best materials and the most advanced features, there are three exquisite range within this revolutionary collection - True Love, Eternal Love and Forever Love; each designed to offer you a luxurious yet healthy sleep experience. True Love comes with a signature spring system that provides greater back support while Eternal Love is made with the best quality memory foam that contours to your body. Forever Love comes with premium natural latex, offering you a perfect night's sleep all night long.
      King Koil Since 1898, the name "King Koil" has been synonymous with quality, comfortable, high-value mattresses and foundations. King Koil Malaysia’s goal is to offer only the highest quality, selection and service to meet the demands of today's changing markets. King Koil Malaysia develops and manufactures a wide range of sleep products such as innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses, fibre coirtex mattresses to bed frames, rollaway spare beds, pillows, bolsters, bed sheets, duvets and other bedding products. King Koil is the only mattress brand endorsed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research and is currently found in more than 80 countries throughout the world. Additionally, the collaboration of King Koil Corporation and ICA (International Chiropractor Association) has started since 1969 in USA. The two prestigious organizations have worked very closely, successfully developing mattresses with excellent back support that contour perfectly with your body. One of their most popular collections, the Luxury Hotel Collection offers consumers the opportunity to sleep on mattresses that are a step above of those found in some of the most well-known hotel chains in the world. No one understands the expectations and requirements of international hotel clients better than King Koil, and the brand is using their vast expertise as one of the largest hotel bed suppliers in Asia to bring the experience of sleeping in a luxury hotel to the homeowners.
      Natura For those who want cooler and more comfortable sleep throughout the night, Natura's Gel-infused Bio-based Memory Foam creates a 25% cooler sleeping surface. Millions of gel beads inside the foam keep the mattress cooler for a longer time period. Gel memory foam also helps to reduce pressure points on our body. Viscose fabric along with Odorex are also included. Soft, smooth, cool and highly absorbant, Ventilated Viscose Fabric helps increase the airflow and ensure the mattress is cool while Odorex eliminates odour to give you a clean and fresh sleeping environment. Natura's Gel-infused Bio-based Memory Foam also offers the exclusive 7-Zoned Massage Support System. Designed to align with the contours of our body, this system compartmentalizes the mattress into 7 sections, each giving support to a different part of our body: head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs and feet for unsurpassed comfort when you sleep, ensuring correct support and uncompromising comfort. The softer upper back and pelvic areas provide pressure point relief and spinal alignment while the firmer lumbar area supports the spine to relieve tension and lower back pain.
      Serta For more than 80 years, Serta has been an industry leader, offering many product "firsts" – including the world's first-ever "tuftless" mattress. Today, Serta is proud to offer a variety of exclusive features and design.
      *Brands are listed alphabetically.
      Picture for blog post My Favourite Brands: Sofa Brands in Malaysia

      My Favourite Brands: Sofa Brands in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Sofas are essential pieces to create a truly comfortable and stylish living room. Check out 2020's popular sofa brands in Malaysia that promise high quality, beautiful forms and total comfort.
      Image credit: Cellini Image credit: Cellini CELLINI Established since 1986, Cellini is a market leader in modern and contemporary furniture in Malaysia as well as Singapore and Indonesia. Customers will relish their contemporary sofa range, which offers a perfect harmony of form, function, comfort and quality. Each range has been meticulously crafted to meet discerning tastes and to fit into distinctive modern interiors. With a plethora of eye-catching collections to choose from, customers can now easily create the desired spaces with durable yet fashionable pieces. The furniture brand has over 50 retail show rooms in South East Asia and their exquisite products are available in 29 countries.
      Image credit: Monte Sofa Image credit: Monte Sofa MONTE SOFA MONTE, initially known as FUTURE Sofa is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of quality contemporary upholstery fabric & leather sofa sets. With more than a decade of experience in the sofa manufacturing, customers can rest assured that they will receive the best promising service to date. The company is immensely proud of the journey that MONTE has embarked on, from their humble beginnings of a workforce of only four people at a 1,500 square feet factory in 1997 to a successful brand that thrives in the industry with a workforce of 150 employees and production facility of 80,000 square feet. "For us in MONTE, sofa is not just a piece of furniture, it is a fantastic creation embodied with important prospect of functions and aesthetics. MONTE’s sofa is not only designed to look classy, it should always has curves of futuristic," the brand says.
      Image credit: Rozel Image credit: Rozel ROZEL Poised to become of the best furniture brands in Malaysia, Rozel continuously offers a truly luxurious experience when it comes to the distinct quality and sheer comfort of their genuine leather range of sofa and furniture products. Today, they expanded their product portfolio; from a single sofa-range to beautiful collections for the living room, dining area and bedrooms. One of their best collections is the Rozel Gold exclusive range of sofas which features 100% genuine Aniline leather that acclimatises to the temperature, keeping your entire back cool.
      Image credit: Trenzol Image credit: Trenzol TRENZOL Superior quality, exceptionally comfortable, Italian inspired. These are the characteristics of Trenzol, a purveyor of handcrafted fine leather sofa furniture. Each Trenzol sofa, sectional, sleeper and chair is meticulously crafted complemented by integrated technology innovation using soft materials, fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials. At Trenzol, you get to choose each and every piece of furniture according to your request. Trenzol offers more than 5 furniture styles, 4 distinctive patterns of leather in over 20 colours. Choose the style, the cover, the colour, and the seating that you like - and leave it to Trenzol to turn it into a masterpiece. The stylish classic sofa collection will just fit nicely into your home, office and other properties, matching along with other furnitures.
      Image credit: Zolano Image credit: Zolano ZOLANO A sofa brand that offers luxurious comfort, Zolana takes the spot as one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of premium quality leather sofas. With more than 10 years of solid sofa manufacturing expertise, Zolano is backed by a creative design team focusing on quality and comfort. At Zolano, every sofa is crafted with the finest finishing and meticulous attention to detail is maintained at every stage of production. Only premium quality materials are used with the latest technologies and craftsmanship to produce sofas of uncompromising quality. *Brands are listed alphabetically
      Picture for blog post Vitra: An Iconic Brand that Redefined the Design World

      Vitra: An Iconic Brand that Redefined the Design World

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Established in 1950, renowned Swiss furniture brand Vitra has come a long way to make its mark in the design world. An iconic brand well-known around the world, Vitra is synonymous with awe-inspiring innovations and designs that redefined the design and the spaces we inhabit. "Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s essence," the brand says. "With our classics, Vitra represents groundbreaking 20th century design. Today, in combining technical and conceptual expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers, Vitra seeks to continue pushing the boundaries of the design discipline." More than just a furniture manufacturer, Vitra has gone above and beyond to work with some of the world's best designers to create statement-making pieces. To date, Vitra has brought all these together under one roof - for instance at The Vitra Campus and Vitra Design Museum. "The Vitra Campus with buildings by some of the world’s leading architects and the Vitra Design Museum with its exhibitions on design and architecture, design archives and a comprehensive furniture collection are all part of Vitra," the brand shares. "They inspire visitors, inform the design process and create an atmosphere in which innovation flourishes." Vitra's Exceptional Collections Vitra Home Collection The Vitra Home Collection encompasses furniture, lighting and accessories for private interiors, including such well-known classics as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Panton Chair, as well as numerous pieces by contemporary designers. The Vitra Home Collection follows the principle of collage – the idea that a vibrant living space is not achieved by conforming to a unified plan, but rather gains character through a mix of old and new, high and low, classic and contemporary. Office Furniture For more than fifty years, Vitra has developed office furniture that is innovative, functional and aesthetically appealing. Vitra works closely with the client to devise tailored interior concepts that help reconcile the growing demands of daily life – acceleration, technological progress and social change – with the individual corporate culture of the company. Public Spaces Ever since Vitra began to produce furniture designs by George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s, the company has also devoted its attention to the outfitting of public spaces. Vitra regards the furnishing of public interiors – in airports and train stations, in cultural and educational institutions, or in cafés, restaurants and hotels – as a welcome opportunity to demonstrate the positive influence of design. More Vitra stories here.
      Log on to www.vitra.com or check out Vitra's collection at www.haus.com.my
      Picture for blog post ViewSonic Announces New Generation of X Series 4K UHD Lamp Free Smart Theatre Projector

      ViewSonic Announces New Generation of X Series 4K UHD Lamp Free Smart Theatre Projector

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, following the global success of M1, an IF design award winning ultra-portable LED cinema projector in 2018, ViewSonic extend its LED projector innovation into a new era of Lamp Free Smart Theatre Projector to redefine home entertainment in its class, in the X series range. The ViewSonic® X10-4K is the first 4K UHD Short Throw Lamp Free Smart Theatre projector, designed to move your home entertainment from room to room. X10-4K deploy second generation, mercury free LED technology that offer longevity, integrate best-in-class dual Harmon-Kardon speakers and keep abreast of smart functionality trend with wireless miracasting and bluetooth capability, Alexa and Google Assistant voice control technology and a Smart TV interface to access and stream popular apps of your choice. Coupled with the iF design award, X10-4K authentic design mirrors that of an affordable yet luxurious home appliance gadget. The ViewSonic® X10-4K is built using a DLP® 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) chip with XPR technology and offer HDR10 content support to deliver incredibly detailed video playback, contrast and vivid color. With the added technology of ViewSonic’s proprietary Cinema SuperColor+ technology reaching over 125% of Rec.709 color accuracy and Frame Interpolation technology that reduces motion blur, you can ensure fluid multimedia content projection. Second generation, mercury free LED technology ensure 30,000 hours of brilliant, blur-free image projection life. Images will also stay well-proportioned from any angle with built-in auto focus and auto v keystone. There is also an extensive array of connectivity options including HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2, USB 3.0 Type-A, Type-C, Audio In/Out, and RJ45. With a lightweight form, sturdy carry handle, and short throw lens, the X10-4K can be conveniently moved from room to room, indoors to outdoors. Furthermore, the projector features 2,400 LED lumens of brightness, Bluetooth speaker, and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to stream content from their favorite providers such as YouTube. The X10-4K delivers big pictures in a small package. “The new X10-4K UHD Lamp Free Smart Theatre Portable Projector delivers impressive display and intelligent performance. Combining its stunning 8.3 million pixels, 4K resolution with smart streaming functionality and a portable design, the X10-4K delivers a theatre-like experience in just about any room. ViewSonic is giving users an incredible and truly immersive visual and audio experience.” said Mr. Chaw Foo Hong, Country Manager Malaysia. The ViewSonic® X10-4K will be retailing at RM 5,999 on ViewSonic Lazada Flagship Store.
      For further news and information about ViewSonic, visit ViewSonic.com/my and follow on Facebook, Lazada Flagship Store, for more product information, events, and activities. Check out the Unboxing article here > http://www.creativehomex.com/cn-unboxing-series-viewsonicx10-4k/
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