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      Picture for blog post Top 10 Kitchen Brands in Malaysia with the Best Kitchen Designs

      Top 10 Kitchen Brands in Malaysia with the Best Kitchen Designs

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Whether you have a classic or contemporary kitchen in mind, it's important to invest in a quality kitchen as this space is one of the deciding factors of your home's value. Here are some of 2020's best kitchen brands in Malaysia to consider.
      Buenos Popular kitchen brand, Buenos is all about lasting value, durability, and stunning aesthetics. Quality comes first and only the finest materials that are ecologically processed are used - so you can rest assured that your kitchen set will last for decades. But that's not all - Buenos also creates bespoke kitchens and wardrobes that are tailored specifically to your lifestyle needs. Luxury designs paired with fittings of the finest details, their kitchens and wardrobes will bring your dream home to life. Founded in 2008 by a group of passionate interior and management specialists, Buenos also prioritizes excellent customer service. As experts in kitchen remodeling, kitchen interior design, fabrication, and installation, their designers and specialists are ready to transform any ordinary space into an impressive statement. Over the years, Buenos has gained reputation for high-quality designs, tremendous attention to detail, and durable craftsmanship. To date, they have crafted living experiences for projects ranging from 20 to 1,000 kitchens, and have become a trusted partner for kitchen interior design and remodeling. Buenos Buenos
      In Cube Customize Established in 1994, In Cube Customize Sdn Bhd takes pride in being the first customized furniture manufacturer to custom design every piece of furniture for homeowners using their unique boutique furniture concept. While they help customers to tailor make every area of their home, In Cube is best known for their quality and well-designed kitchens. Whether you desire a modern kitchen with contemporary fittings, a sleek cookspace with colourful cabinets or a classic-style kitchen, In Cube can help you to personalise your spaces so that it reflects your taste and cooking habits. At In Cube, customers can expect a personalised one-to-one service experience as their experts will handle everything from concept to completion. Other services include free consultation, installation as well as design and 3D visual drawing. In Cube Customize In Cube Customize
      Kubiq A wholly owned subsidiary of Signature International Berhad, a public-listed company behind the well-known Signature Kitchen brand founded in 1994, Kubiq was incorporated with the objective to offer affordable and quality modular kitchen systems and kitchen cabinet to meet the growing demands in the low-to-mid market segment. Coupled with consumers’ increased price sensitivity and emphasis on product value, Kubiq aims to meet the needs of a fast-expanding yet discerning customer base. Through its groundbreaking and innovative approach, Kubiq has introduced a new and creative kitchen planning experience with the utilization of their ‘Ezikit’. This patented tool allows customers to create their very own kitchen designs, with the help of our sales guides, quickly and accurately. With this hands on tool, customers can now be in control of the designing of their kitchens cabinet according to their specific wants and needs. Kubiq Kubiq
      Legend Kitchen Founded in 1994, Legend Kitchen has come a long way to uphold their quality offerings. Backed by strong values which revolves around being a reliable and trusted kitchen brand, Legend Kitchen is apt in providing excellent kitchen design customized according to their customers' diverse preferences. Above all they, believe good quality kitchens can be attained through reasonable pricing as well. Customers will be impressed by their range of kitchens which comprises good craftsmanship as well as exceptional materials. To date, their project portfolio extends to many reputable residential projects in Malaysia including Twin Palm Areca, Cheras Vista, Saujana Villa and many others. Legend Kitchen Legend Kitchen
      Pedini Cucine Recognized as a specialist in fully imported kitchen cabinets, Pedini Cucine (M) Sdn Bhd offers modular cabinet, kitchen system and a variety of kitchen models. Specializing in space planning, interior detailing as well as project management, Pedini also handles all project from renovation to new construction, residential to commercial projects, corporate offices, retails and show unit. Homeowners can select from Pedini's wide range of awe-inspiring kitchen designs including Arke, Artika, Dune and Eko; just to name a few. With their own wood working workshop in Balakong, Pedini has managed a handful of successful projects over the years. With 23 years of experience, customers can rest assured they are getting the best quality kitchens from Pedini. Pedini Cucine Pedini Cucine
      Rowenda Kitchen At Rowenda Kitchen, customers are served by an energetic development and design team who constantly rises to the occasion, launching new models and responding to the changing needs of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. This renowned brand is continuously on the lookout for innovative kitchen solutions and ensures each of their masterpieces is graced with a winning combination of cutting-edge designs, high performance materials and value added accessories. Rowenda provides free design consultancy by taking into consideration your living space, taste and budget. With their own factory and team of skilled carpenters, the brand strives to offer you quality products at a reasonable price. Rowenda Kitchen Rowenda Kitchen
      Signature Kitchen Built on trust with reliable quality and innovative kitchen designs, renowned kitchen brand Signature Kitchen turns dream kitchens to an everyday reality. Since 1994, this brand has been providing customers throughout Malaysia with kitchen cabinets and wardrobes as solutions for good living space management. Customers will love their sophisticated collection of kitchens ranging from contemporary simplicity and nature-inspired styles to imported kitchens from Italy and Germany. Over the years, Signature Kitchen has consistently kept itself abreast of the latest technological advancements in the global kitchen cabinet manufacturing environment. To date, Signature Kitchen holds the record of the largest kitchen renovation retail network in Malaysia with a substantial presence across 15 countries in both retail and corporate project segments. The brand’s portfolio thrives on maintaining a good balance between project and retail clients; and while retail clientele values their product quality and service experiences, architects and designers appreciate the unparalleled versatility of our modern kitchen designs. Signature Kitchen Signature Kitchen
      Verra Kitchen Offering sophisticated yet highly functional kitchens, Verra Kitchen ensures customers have the best quality cookspaces that meet their taste level and budget. There are a variety of kitchen designs to choose from - Piano Series feature exquisite surfaces while Black Forest and Murano provides homeowners with plenty of space to work on. For those seeking something really modern and elegant, Milano and V Linea are ideal selections. Verra Kitchen also presents the one and only Cerra kitchen worktop from Europe. 100% natural, Cerra is made from mineral porcelain ceramic slab. Apart from just using as worktops, it is also suitable as kitchen doors and wall claddings as it offers kitchen durability over-time with low maintenance. Verra Kitchen Verra Kitchen
      XINMIS The kitchen is the heart of a home. Inspired by the central role the kitchen plays in our lives, XINMIS strives to offer their customers only the best in kitchen design. As a renowned kitchen specialist in Malaysia, XINMIS provides a comprehensive scope of services with focus on aluminium kitchen cabinets ranging from consultation, designing and production to installation. Their aim is to transform kitchens, turning them into eye-catching points while ensuring these spaces are functional at the same time. Thus, they put emphasis on design, materials, technology and aesthetics to fulfil even the most diverse requirements of their customers. Above all, they are here to help you turn your ordinary cookspaces into extraordinary kitchens. Click here to see more kitchen designs. XINMIS XINMIS
      *Brands are listed alphabetically
      Picture for blog post Top 5 Sofa Brands in Malaysia

      Top 5 Sofa Brands in Malaysia

      Friday, November 20, 2020
      Sofas are essential pieces to create a truly comfortable and stylish living room. Check out 2020's popular sofa brands in Malaysia that promise high quality, beautiful forms and total comfort.
      Image credit: Hatch Image credit: Hatch HATCH Established in 2008, Hatch has over 20 years of experience in designing and innovating distinguished products. The company’s name, Hatch is inspired by the hatching of an egg which symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Hatch offers a wide variety of collections that blends luxury and simplicity, fitting into modern interiors flawlessly. “Our furniture and accessories are designed for spaces people call home — spaces that are real, relaxed, and refined,” the brand says. To date, Hatch research and development team has created and designed over 300 quality sofa sets as well as upholstery products with an impressive six-year warranty. One of Hatch’s key innovations is their smart motion recliner sofa which allows customers to seamlessly control their furniture at a sensor touch. Hatch operated six retail stores in Malaysia and also participated in over 40 exibitions to showcase their craftsmanship. T: (+6018) 322 2982 T: (+603) 8074 9680 W: hatch.my
      Image Credit: Moods Design Image Credit: Moods Design MOODS DESIGN MOODS was founded in the year 2015 by a young vibrant team of passionate product enthusiasts.  The hybrid composition of their team lies among furniture specialists & interior designers which is a balance mixture of experience & impeccable design sense.  Customers will relish their contemporary sofa range, which offers a perfect harmony of form, function, comfort and quality. Each range has been meticulously crafted to meet discerning tastes and to fit into distinctive modern interiors. With eye-catching collections to choose from, customers can now easily create the desired spaces with durable yet fashionable pieces. For more of their NEW COLLECTIONS, click here. T:(+6017) 595 0766 T:(+6019) 383 4833 M:(+603) 3132 7878 W:www.moods.my
      Image credit: Monte Sofa Image credit: Monte Sofa MONTE SOFA MONTE, a brand under FUTURE Group of Companies is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of quality contemporary upholstery fabric & leather sofa sets. Specialized in making the sofa with the quintessential Italian Thick Leather, and with more than a decade of experience in this industry, customers are assured the best promising services and quality products at all times. The company is immensely proud of the journey that MONTE has embarked on, from their humble beginnings of a workforce of only four people at a 1,500 square feet factory in 1997 to a successful brand that thrives in the industry with a workforce of 150 employees and production facility of 80,000 square feet. “For us in MONTE, a sofa is not just a piece of furniture, it is a fantastic creation embodied with the important prospect of functions and aesthetics. MONTE’s sofa is not only designed to look classy, it should always have curves of futuristic,” the brand says. T:(+603)5525 8528 W:www.montesofa.comwww.futuresofa.com FB:Monte Sofa
      Image credit: Trenzol Image credit: Trenzol TRENZOL Superior quality, exceptionally comfortable, Italian inspired. These are the characteristics of Trenzol, a purveyor of handcrafted fine leather sofa furniture. Each Trenzol sofa, sectional, sleeper and chair is meticulously crafted complemented by integrated technology innovation using soft materials, fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials. At Trenzol, you get to choose each and every piece of furniture according to your request. Trenzol offers more than 5 furniture styles, 4 distinctive patterns of leather in over 20 colours. Choose the style, the cover, the colour, and the seating that you like - and leave it to Trenzol to turn it into a masterpiece. The stylish classic sofa collection will just fit nicely into your home, office and other properties, matching along with other furnitures. T:(+603)6157 4661 W:www.trenzol.com
      Image credit: Zolano Image credit: Zolano ZOLANO A sofa brand that offers luxurious comfort, Zolana takes the spot as one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of premium quality leather sofas. With more than 10 years of solid sofa manufacturing expertise, Zolano is backed by a creative design team focusing on quality and comfort. At Zolano, every sofa is crafted with the finest finishing and meticulous attention to detail is maintained at every stage of production. Only premium quality materials are used with the latest technologies and craftsmanship to produce sofas of uncompromising quality. T:(+603)7971 2665 W:www.zolano.com
      *Brands are listed alphabetically
      Picture for blog post 7 Modern Breakfast Counter Ideas

      7 Modern Breakfast Counter Ideas

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      An island counter often ends up seeing more use than a dining room, with the casual setting and proximity to the kitchen - and in urban homes, island counters are usually the de facto dining space. Since you would be having most of your meals there, we thought it prudent to assemble the most inspiring island counters we have seen recently to give you some ideas.

      1. Minimalist Monolith Interior design by: Nu Infinity

      To frame the projecting dining surface, a faux archway is integrated over this island counter and laminated in a dull shade of greyish brown to complement the neutral palette of the décor. Besides being a purely aesthetic feature, this framing structure provides a point from which other decorative features such as pendant lights can be hung to personalise and illuminate the space.

      2. Country Kitchen Interior design by: Yong Studio

      With an abundance of space to spare, this centrally positioned island counter is given a countryside treatment - with its sides panelled in vertical wood planks and whitewashed to mirror the decorative faces of the cabinetry and the backsplash of glossy white tiles. The panelling on the sides of the island counter is echoed in dark brown with the addition of a pair of matching bar stools, while lighting is provided by a pair of simplistic shaded lamps in white to adhere to the prevailing palette.

      3. Drop-Down Dining Interior design by: Design Spirits

      So as not to interrupt the visual expansion of the kitchen by way of the reflective wall, this island counter is supported by a converging pair of steel box pipe legs and kept slim with a simplistic panel of wood laminated in matte white to match the surrounding cabinetry. The implied mobility of this design reduces the visual weight of the island counter, rendering it as a diminutive and centrally located fixture in this compact kitchen.

      4. Natural Flavour Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

      The conventional design of this island counter is given a twist to fall in line with the use of natural materials in this conjoined dining and kitchen space. While the island counter’s functional surface is formed out of engineered stone in plain white to contrast against the natural shades and lines in the surrounding surfaces, the decorative face is rendered in bare cement to catch the array of shadows thrown by the legs of the accompanying stools.

      5. Transported Shades Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

      Even with an island counter of conventional design, it is possible to apply the simple repetition of colour to achieve a cohesive décor imbued with meaning. The decorative face of this island counter repeats the pale green of the backsplash, producing a swathe of greenery that appears as foliage when viewed in combination with the minimalistic bar stools in dark wood. The message is punctuated with an assortment of floral decorations situated at the base of the island counter's projection.

      6. Levitating Surface Interior design by: Casa Indah Design The centrally located island counter appears to float in a sea of reflective surfaces - a slab of engineered stone in white projects from the end of a false wall, with a sleek triangular foot covered in mirrored panes acting as support. The opaque and black accompanying stools serve as the visual foot of the island counter in bold contrast with the reflective surroundings and the white countertop.
      7. Lightweight Design Interior design by: Yong Studio

      The minimalist nature of this island counter can be spotted in the use of a single narrow length of wood plank to serve as the functional surface and black pipes in the wine rack and stool legs. The location of this island counter - in what was apparently once a doorway, adds to its minimalist personality.

      Picture for blog post 5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Stand Out with Unique Decorating Features

      5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Stand Out with Unique Decorating Features

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Besides being places of temporary respite, the average living room offers the kind of space that would be suited for small art installations rivalling high street galleries. Here are five ways to take advantage of any extra space in your seating lounge, to turn them into exhibits of artistic expression.

      Interior design by: Casa Indah Design 1. Arte Ensemble

      Combine a collection of both common objects and unrelated rarities for an artful and dramatic arrangement that straddles surrealist and dadaist expression. In the decorative corner of this living room decorated by Casa Indah Design, a briskly-whitewashed panel acts as a country-inspired backdrop for a collection of seemingly unrelated objects presented on a piece of furnishing in the midst of an existential dilemma.

      Interior design by: Casa Indah Design 2. Style Fusion

      It takes a certain boldness to combine unrelated themes into a cohesive interior, as was done in this living room - with furnishings of modern and minimalist designs located in close proximity to decorations reminiscent of the countryside. A dispersed sprinkling of country-inspired decorations, in the hide rug as well as both hard and soft representations of wood, help to tie together the two ordinarily contrasting themes.

      Interior design by: The Roof Studio 3. Overt Focus

      The modern convention presented in this living room is given an artful twist with the inclusion of a single armchair nestled into the inside of a mask. The stoic human face, formed out of the armchair's high back, surprises the naive eye and adds a dose of eccentricity to a relatively reserved interior appointed with modern and minimalist furnishings.

      Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing 4. Discrete Organics

      The unified colour palette and fine lines of this elegant interior are complemented by natural forms presented in tight clutches of flora and a solitary statuette depicting a wild cat. The sandstone shade of these architectural finishes and furnishings contribute towards a tone reminiscent of the desert, creating potential for an oasis to be painted - as demonstrated by the tiny potted plants contained within glass bell covers on the paradoxically luxurious and minimalist coffee table.

      Interior design by: Jashen Interior Design 5. Vintage Homage

      Expressions of style in architectural finishes can only say so much, rather than stopping with planes of homogenous finishes in brick and wood, this home office embraces vibes of the past by presenting a collection of plaques in vintage designs over the walls and cabinet doors.

      Click here for more living rooms.
      Picture for blog post Trendy Touches: Top 2018 Interior Design Trends to Boost Your Home's Appeal

      Trendy Touches: Top 2018 Interior Design Trends to Boost Your Home's Appeal

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Here are the decorative styles and features you can expect in the coming year.

      At the start of every year, we take a look back across the entire breadth of imagery we have collected over the last 12 months, to find the decorative features with the staying power to make it into the next year and onward. After considerable analysis and critiquing, we believe we have arrived at a guide for what to expect in 2018 - at least in the realm of interior design.

      1 Classical Features We expect to see a continuation of classical features such as shaded chandeliers and plaster wall moulding adorning luxurious spaces in the coming year. While the world's burgeoning economies have been experimenting with regionally-relevant styles, neoclassicism of European influence has proven to be a dependable approach to fall back on - especially when overt opulence is the intended image.

      A number of discrete details have been incorporated into this dining space in order to bring the classic style to modern times: reflective trim around the dining table, metallic picture frames, and recessed area lighting hidden in the crevices of the ceiling. Designer: IDS Interior Design

      2 Dark Wood With natural materials such as wood and stone seeing greater use in our homes this past year, we expect to see a continuation of wooden decorative features and furnishings in dark shades to appeal to modern sensibilities - especially when paired with an immaculate expanse of white.

      This bar exudes luxury with dark wood laminate, white stone, and golden reflective accents serving as trim on the cabinetry. Designer: Metrics Global

      3 Indoor Greenery Keeping in tune with our collective ambitions for ecological stability, another decorative feature gaining in rapid popularity is the humble indoor plant. Although previously spotted in vases or pots, really turning that dial labelled "Plants" all the way up and letting nature into your home does more than add some colour to the interior - you get higher quality air too.

      While the wall creepers in this case may not be living - on account of the wood floor presenting a practical problem in plant care, the mimicry serves to amplify the few green accents in this space. Designer: Nu Infinity

      4 Industrial Influence With the large swathes of formerly industrial properties being converted into homes and centres of commerce around the world, we foresee a resurgence of post-industrial style represented by bare concrete and re-purposed wood or metal. Even in modern structures, we believe that materials that would have previously gone to waste are increasingly being given new life as decorative and functional features.

      Bare ceilings and a majority of concrete surfaces create a hard, sombre look that is cool yet fashionable. Designer: X-Two Concept

      5 Metallic Accents With the global consciousness finally sliding into a restorative mode at the tail end of 2017, we foresee a declining dependence on heavily processed materials such as gilded metals. Despite that potentially inflammatory forecast, metallic components will continue to surpass other materials such as wood in terms of the physical and aesthetic properties (such as damage resistance and translucence) that make them indispensable in particular furnishings and fixtures.

      Metal is used to keep the profiles of furnishings and light fixtures minimal, providing the interior with a greater sense of space. Designer: Humbert & Poyet

      Wondering what colours to expect in the coming year? Get it direct from some of the people who make your paint.

      Picture for blog post Charming Chambers: 5 Cosy Bedrooms with a Romantic Ambience

      Charming Chambers: 5 Cosy Bedrooms with a Romantic Ambience

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Decorating with your amore in mind? We combed through bedrooms throughout the country - and abroad, to rank the five coziest bedsteads for eliciting feelings of romance. Before the evening's events draw to a close and things inevitably lead back to the bedroom, be sure to have these decorative features in place to help your amorous ambitions along.

      5. Monochromatic Simplicity

      Making the most out of a few select trappings in their signature brand of monochromatic minimalism, Nu Infinity's arrangement speaks of wild passions: reflective panels frame a print of a zebra's patterns - strategically situated on the walls above the bed; a deep pile carpet in grey provides a comforting layer for bare feet to linger on; and a diminutive clutter tray adorned with the tools of aromatherapy provides the clearest signal of romantic intentions.

      Designer: Nu Infinity   4. Classically Feminine

      Crisp, classically appointed architectural finishes and furnishings saturated in pale shades lend this bedroom a delicate and decidedly feminine elegance. The combination of daylight, or soft yellow lighting at night, help to bring out the tones of peaches and cream provided by the decorative wall treatments and fabrics. Amorous intentions are made clearer with the placement of a circular tub in view of the bed.

      Designer: S/Lab 10   3. Thoughtful Transition

      The classical furnishings, intricate patterns in wallpaper, and exquisite lighting fixtures are the key elements in this bedroom helping to create an amorous vibe. A functional feature of special note is the thoughtful arrangement of seating around a coffee table equipped with refreshments to create an intimate space for romantic interludes.

      Designer: Hue Art Design   2. Exotic Excursion

      Conceived by interior designer, Nikki B, and situated within a gated community in Dubai, this bedroom exudes an exotic allure without resorting to the archetypal shades of romance. This intimate bedchamber in the desert presents decorative stone accents and elaborate fabrics in alternating swathes of blue and gold - the regional palette associated with luxury.

      Designer: Da Fonesca Design   1. Glamorous Detail

      This bedroom hits all the checkpoints in our list of things that make a bedroom exude romance: warm wood flooring contrasting against reflective accents on the walls, a circular bedstead displaying classical tendencies in the button-back upholstery, and just the right amount of shimmer in the materials.

      Designer: Gusto Design
      Picture for blog post Luminous Elevations: How to Choose Lighting for Double-Height Living Rooms

      Luminous Elevations: How to Choose Lighting for Double-Height Living Rooms

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      The volume of air that comes with double-height ceilings typically calls for the use of impressive lighting fixtures that do more than just provide illumination - they inevitably become one of the focal points of attraction in living spaces. We combed through some delectable mansions, bungalows, duplexes, and penthouses to put this guide together and help you pick out the ideal chandelier (or other lighting fixture) to suit the extra-high ceiling of your décor.

      Classical Chandeliers Equally appropriate in classical interiors as for lending an eccentric streak to modern settings, the many variations of glass or crystalline, and shaded or bare chandeliers are a requisite feature for anyone wanting a dependable style choice that can add a layer of elegance to a wide range of interiors.

      A classically inspired chandelier is a safe option to lend an aura of elegance to transitional or eclectic décors. Designer: The Roof

      Curved Chandeliers A more common type of modern chandelier spotted in transitional and minimalist settings, the curved surfaces make for lower profile fixtures that do not intrude into the airspace. By virtue of their curved profiles and small size, many identical pieces can be hung together in staggered lines to depict heavenly bodies.

      Occupying less space than a conventional chandelier, the relatively small size of these metallic orbs enables the arrangement of multiple pieces in an array. Designer: Turn Design Interior

      Large-Scale Floor Lamps Take advantage of the abundance in ceiling space by incorporating an extra tall, floor-mounted lighting fixture. An imposing floor lamp represents an alternative focal point on an unanticipated plane and helps to preserve the volume of air provided by the high ceiling.

      The abundance of airspace in double-height spaces invites the use of over-sized floor mounted lighting fixtures. Designer: Turn Design Interior

      Wall-Mounted Lights Maximize the conservation of airspace in your living room with low-profile lights mounted to walls. This arrangement can be used to highlight decorative walls higher up in the void while providing adequate task lighting and without hampering the intimate mood.

      Instead of an intrusive lighting fixture hanging in mid-air, this space presents discrete wall-mounted lights to produce an intimate atmosphere. Designer: IDS Interior

      Slim Spotlights If the dim illumination provided by wall-mounted lights is inadequate, or if you just want to highlight decorative furnishings nearer to the floor, consider using simple down-lights to obscure ceiling features in favour of highlighting furnishings on the ground.

      Pursuing a recording studio motif, this living room features utilitarian and low-profile down-lights to retain the sense of volume in this space. Designer: Motto Designs
      Picture for blog post Galley Hues: Top 5 Colours for Your Kitchen

      Galley Hues: Top 5 Colours for Your Kitchen

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      While white is a commonly used colour in kitchen spaces to maintain a clean atmosphere, some may want a little bit of a divergence with other colours from a neutral pallette to suit the rest of their home, or get a little bit creative with other colours to add some vibrance to their décor. Here, we take a look at the Top 5 colours for your kitchen.

      Designer: Yong Studio

      White Likely the most common pallete used for kitchens, the absence of colour contributes towards an immaculate atmosphere in kitchens with either modern or traditional stylings. The uniformity of white - stretching from ceilings, walls, backsplashes, countertops, cabinetry, and down to flooring makes these typically small areas of the home seem more spacious.

      Designer: Pocket Square


      The popularity of a using grey in kitchens emerged with the rise of the modern palette and granite countertops. The colour grey is most effective in a kitchen appointed with steel fixtures and reflective accents. Designer: GDY Design & Construction

      Black Although typically confined to decorative accents, a kitchen is transformed into an inviting and elegant space when black is used as the base colour.

      Designer: Nu Infinity

      Brown The natural shades of wood are ideal for both modern and country-styled kitchens, with darker shades creating a majestic effect and pale tones exuding a rustic flavour.

      Designer: Nu Infinity

      Blue While pastel shades are associated with rustic interiors, modern kitchens can also benefit from the bespoke factor provided by saturation in a surprising hue of blue.

      Designer: Viincology
      Picture for blog post Silent Nights, Pretty Lights: Lighting Ideas for a Bright and Festive Ambience at Home

      Silent Nights, Pretty Lights: Lighting Ideas for a Bright and Festive Ambience at Home

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      Enhance the Christmas mood at home with these beautiful lighting ideas that add a spark of joy in every corner.

      Create a focal point at your dining table by using an attractive pendant light accompanied by festive centrepieces beneath it. Choose a colour theme - for instance gold to bring on a touch of elegance. (Image credit: Luxxu)

      Minimalist-looking lighting works well when paired with festive decoration. (Image credit: Boca do Lobo)

      Whether you pop one up in your porch, on feature walls or at entryways, mounted wall lights with a festive theme easily infuse homes with a Christmas ambience. (Image credit: Lights4fun)

      Decorate a corner with Xmas features. To enhance the look, hang fairy lights across the wall and brighten the space up with candlelight. (Image credit: Lights4fun)

      More Christmas decorating tips here
      Picture for blog post Christmas Centrepiece: How To Create a Festive Centrepiece for Your Dining Table

      Christmas Centrepiece: How To Create a Festive Centrepiece for Your Dining Table

      Friday, November 20, 2020

      If you find yourself wondering how to make your spaces more festive this Christmas, consider using centrepieces to enliven your dining table. Here are a few simple ways to whip up a good-looking decor piece for your tables.

      Fabrics A decorative tapestry such as oriental table runners or a simple cloth serves to underscore centrepiece arrangements with a layer of texture and to protect dining surfaces from scratches. Anything as overt as plain fabrics dyed in red or green to tartan and plaid textiles in subtle colours will evoke the Christmas spirit in varying degrees.

      Image Source

      Thematic Decorations As with fabrics, decorative objects can be as obvious as cut branches of red European holly (Ilex aquifolium), snowflakes in crystal, and figurines depicting the requisite characters of the season - or as understated as pine cones and a variety of edible berries.

      Image Source

      Silverware Associated with prosperous clan gatherings during the holiday season, the reflective sheen of silverware conjures impressions of snow-covered landscapes. As food will inevitably be found scattered over dining surfaces - often before the whole family even sits down for dinner, consider integrating silver-gilded containers of edibles or beverages into centrepiece arrangements.

      Image Source

      Glassware Glassware and other crystalline decorations can be used as an alternative to silver containers to add some shine to centrepieces. Glassware such as snack bowls and beverage pitchers, or thematic crystalline decorative objects are best appreciated in direct light to add a measure of intricate elegance to the centrepiece.

      Lighting Candles and accent lighting can applied adequate lighting for diners as well as be part of your centrepiece arrangements while maintaining an intimate mood. Turn up narrow downlights directly over centrepieces to heighten metallic and crystalline decorations and improve task lighting with a scattering of tea candles or paraffin lamps.

      More Xmas decor tips for every room in the house here. For timeless centrepiece decor for dining tables, check out this article.
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