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      Picture for blog post 5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      5 Best Built-in Ovens in Malaysia (draft for Teka 2020)

      Ovens are such an important investment for the home, especially if you love cooking. This said, you should always opt for something that not only helps you cook more efficiently in the kitchen, but makes cleaning up a breeze too. Here are some built-in ovens that are worth looking into if you want a quality piece that's stylish and highly functional.
      1 For those who want a time-saving oven: iOVEN With the iOVEN, cooking can be a fast, easy and enjoyable activity - thanks to the oven's thoughtfully-designed features. If you are out ideas what to make, the oven presents 50 preset international recipes displayed in a full-colour screen. Just select the recipe of your choice, prepare the ingredients and a homecooked meal is just a button away! To ensure meals turn out well, the oven also comes equipped with Surround Temp to guarantee heat is distributed evenly, even when you are cooking at different levels. Additionally, there is a Meatprobe function which provides complete control of temperature for cooking meat, poultry and fish. This oven also features a Softclose system and comes with free Multicook trays.  
      2. For those who love steak: SteakMaster Oven If you love steak - whether raw, medium or well-done, the SteakMaster is a must-have in the kitchen. As the world's first steak oven, SteakMaster is designed with the exclusive SteakGrill technology which provides up to 700ºC cooking temperature, allowing you to cook steak, Entrecote, rib-eye steak or grilled hamburgers in just a few minutes - much like a barbeque! There are also 20 special automatic meat programs to suit different cooking preferences. On top of this, the oven features a special cast iron grid for easier preparation of grilled meats while the DualClean Pyrolysis + Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System makes cleaning after cooking a simpler process. The oven also includes a complementary 210mm Arcos®️ chef's knife. https://www.youtube.com/embed?v=p4svwvTymaw' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture' allowfullscreen>  
      3 For those who has an all-white kitchen: HLB 840 White Oven White-toned ovens are especially rare in the market, that is why the HLB 840 White Oven is highly sought after by those who are opting for an ultra-modern all-white kitchen. With a full-glass inner door and 2 glazed doors, the design of this A+ energy class oven is sleek and luxurious-looking - just perfect for high end kitchens. The oven features fingerprint-proof stainless steel while its profile is designed with cleans lines that blend seamlessly with contemporary kitchens. Along with 9 cooking functions that make whipping up a delicious meal an easy endeavour, the oven's Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System also ensures cleaning up after cooking a less tedious ordeal.
      4 For those who want a multifunctional oven: HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer Do you love cooking in different ways? Then the HLC 847 SC Multifunction Oven + Steamer is a great investment! With 15 cooking functions that include steaming, baking, roasting, grilling and more, this oven also comes with 20 preset recipes. With tangential ventilation to ensure quality cooking, the oven also features the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system for easier clean-up after using the oven.
      5 For those who are looking for an affordable yet quality oven: HBB 635 Oven When quality and price are two important criteria in your oven shopping list, the HBB 635 Oven would check all the right boxes. At 71 litres, this is the ideal oven if you want something easy to use yet durable. There are 8 cooking functions as well as a minute minder to make cooking a simpler and more enjoyable experience. With the addition of the HydroClean® PRO cleaning system, cleaning up after cooking is made much easier.
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